Oscalito – High-end lingerie made in Italy


The traditional Italian brand Oscalito has relied on sustainable Made in Italy production since 1936. In the Turin plant, underwear (for women and men) and daywear are made from natural fibers of the highest quality. The credo of CEO Dario Casalini, who is still leading the company in the third generation towards sustainability: “Clothing must not only be beautiful. It must be manufactured with respect for people and the environment.”

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Tashay – inspired by nature


Tashay is more than fashion. Tashay is the dream come true of the Argentinean Adriana Castillo, who with the establishment of her label brings traditional textile work made of exclusive natural fibers to Europe and thus supports small and medium-sized certified companies from Peru to southern Argentina.

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Achiy – knitting art from alpaca


The goal of the Hamburg founder Vivica Pietz? Going back to the origins of fashion to restore appreciation to clothing. Back to the alpacas in the Peruvian Andes and the people who live there. Every single piece of art knitted from fluffy baby alpaca tells its own story.

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NIKIN – TreeWear for a greener planet


Giving something back to nature with sustainable and fair streetwear was the founding idea of the Swiss brand NIKIN, which plants a tree for every sold product. With well over a million trees, Nikin has made his contribution to the reforestation of the earth.

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AFORA world – unisex from berlin

Afora world

Christine Metz is not a blank slate in fashion. She is a trained clothing technician and fashion tailor, studied fashion design at AMD in Berlin and gained professional experience at Berlin brands such as Liebeskind and Lala Berlin. After 13 years in the industry, she founded the label she has always dreamed of: fair, sustainable, transparent and minimalist.

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ACHAHHA (pronounced A’tschah) comes from Sanskrit and means “good”. If you take a brief look at the philosophy of the Fellbacher Knitwear brand by Sebastian Schulz-Dobrick, it is pretty clear why the name is so suitable.

Organic animal farming, 100 percent certified merino wool, organic and recycled cotton, zero waste production. Due to the innovative 3D knitting process, the seamless knitting process delivers maximum quality without disturbing seams and is washable without the use of chemicals. Apart from that, the timeless, clean knitted classics with V-, round or turtlenecks are not only produced in one piece in the Rhineland using the latest 3D technology on state-of-the-art high-tech machines. The highly complex production machines are also manufactured in Germany.


ACHAHHA – Washable merino wool without chemicals

The knitting duration of the “Made in Germany” sweater is one hour. Thereafter, a little fine tuning is done. The label (which comes from Wuppertal, located in a wonderful region, is produced on machines that are 80 years and older in a traditional ribbon weaving mill) is sewn in, then the quality inspection takes place. The sweaters are then washed, dried and ironed. This step ensures that the goods are delivered in their final condition, which does not change during subsequent washing. Sounds good, am I right?

“Of course, only electricity from renewable energy sources is used during production and the shipment is climate-neutral”.

Are you asking yourself if Sebastian Schulz-Dobrick was already working in fashion before he founded his start-up? Not quite. He was the managing director of a company that manufactures insect screens, among other things. His interest and motivation to run a fashion company that operates transparently and sustainably is purely private. Actually, the Leverkusen-born designer wanted to use nettle yarn from a German company for his collection, but he then decided on merino wool.

“Only the merino wool is not regional. It is sourced from South America.”

What makes merino wool so sustainable? It keeps you warm in winter, maintains a pleasant temperature in summer and is highly resistant to dirt and odors. This makes it very easy to care for. You could also compost the ACHAHHA garments. The meaning of ACHAHHA should be pretty clear by now.

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Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

Rent what you like; buy what you really love. Thekla Wilkening has long been aware that renting is the new way to buy. Since 2019, the co-founder of the clothing store, Germany’s first fashion rental concept, has been bringing her expertise in borrowed clothing to her project, Stay Awhile.

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RE-BELLO was the first fashion label “Made in Italy” to address concepts such as responsibility and innovation by combining style, high quality design and fashion with respect for environmental issues. Even years after its foundation, the brand continues to show that sustainable + minimalist can be a successful concept.

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another brand

Another Brand

Cozy cashmere and soft sweaters with cool statements like “good vibes” and “keep lovin”, fresh striped looks and cardigans with modern interpretations of classic diamond patterns or sweet hearts in Norwegian style – yes, sustainability can be that casual. The jumpers, sweatpants, scarves, shirts and beanies stand out are its colors – in bright green and squeaky orange. Corinne Samson and Joanna Kapitza’s label is a good mood label.

for you
for the out of the ordinary
another brand

Their statement: “For the out of the Ordinary”. The two designers, who have vast experience in the textile industry, focus on the individuality and self-confidence of their customers. The quick-witted print shirts and embroidered cashmere jumpers are real statement pieces that not only look good, but also feel great on the skin. All products are designed in Munich and are produced in small family businesses in Portugal and Inner Mongolia, where the two Munich-based women source the high-quality cashmere.

another Brand

another brand is not just another label

At another brand, there is no mass production, nothing is off the rack. Corinne and Joanna work exclusively with natural materials and know the importance of fair production and sustainability. You can see and feel the quality. Because another brand is not just another clothing brand, but another label. A brand that wants to do something different…

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