3x GREENSTYLE: Let’s do fair(s) together

Voilà, here comes the long-awaited GREENSTYLE trade fair comeback. With three events in three cities. With you. With lots of game changing power and GREENSTYLE vibes. These events await you in the autumn / winter season 2021/22

The following brands have been in the store since August 1st. So come over. Also included are another brand, Bettibag, Bleed, Christiane Strobel, Coa Goa, Cora Happy Wear, DAWN, Frijda Juni, Like a Bird, Nata Y Limon, Nikin, Nina Rein, Meerblau,Waldgrün, Seads, Shipsheip and Zurück.


100% sustainable – 110% stylish. Over 100 contemporary eco brands cover all facets of sustainable fashion: recycling and upcycling, organic cotton, zero waste, closed cycles, local production and innovative materials such as pineapple, apple, coffee and rose viscose. Clever alternatives to classic consumers and shopping concepts such as second hand, loan and exchange models are also part of the sustainable GREENSTYLE portfolio. Discover now.


Are you looking for a casual office outfit or a swimsuit for a trip to the wellness hotel?
With over 120 GREENSTYLE brands you are sure to find what you are looking for. Have fun.



Only bad news are good news? Nope. There are definitely enough bad news. GREENSTYLE munich is all about good news from the sustainable fashion scene. After all, we want to change something. And that only works if we look ahead. Whoever is mentioned here does it better. That’s why there are news from GREENSTYLE Eco Brands, from the sustainable (blogger) community and from activists. Enjoy!

At the GREENSTYLE conferences, we discuss and define sustainable fashion from all sides. Where are we standing? Where do we want to go? How is change possible? What can politics do? What is the responsibility of the consumer? What has to change in the textile industry?
One thing is certain: the change must come from all directions. We talk to experts about this.


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