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Oscalito – High-end lingerie made in Italy

The traditional Italian brand Oscalito has relied on sustainable Made in Italy production since 1936. In the Turin plant, underwear (for women and men) and daywear are made from natural fibers of the highest quality. The credo of CEO Dario Casalini, who is still leading the company in the third generation towards sustainability: "Clothing must not only be beautiful. It must be manufactured with respect for people and the environment."

Dario Casalini has been managing the Italian lingerie company Oscalito with 80 employees since 2014 in the third generation. Running the family business was not his master plan. Dario studied law and was a lecturer in public law until the time of the takeover. Nevertheless, he has set about his new task with over 100 percent and managed to breathe a good portion of zeitgeist into the traditional company without neglecting the sustainable principles, the DNA of the family company.

Clothing must not only be beautiful. As transparent as possible traceability of origin and production, compliance with social and environmental standards should be a matter of course. Dario Casalini

Because sustainability is not a trend at Oscalito. Sustainability is a fixed part of the corporate culture at the Turin-based company. From the beginning. Since 1936. Just like Made in Italy. And not just the last step. Weaving, cutting, sewing, dyeing and finishing – everything is produced in-house in their own factory in Turin, from the yarn to the finished garment. Pure transparency.

The five Oscalito pillars: Quality, Italianity, Naturalness, Luxury, Ethics.

Whenever possible, recyclable and biodegradable natural fibers and fibers of natural origin are used for underwear (women and men) and daywear (neck sweaters, T-shirts with long and short sleeves). Wool-silk blends or in their pure form, cashmere/silk, linen and Egyptian maco cotton are used, from which Oscalito has developed its own heat-insulating material. If a natural fiber is not possible, as is the case with the lace (recycled polyester or polyamide), materials with the highest possible sustainability content are used.


Good to know: Every year, Oscalito produces a capsule collection from leftover materials from previous seasons.

Oscalito is about respect for people and the environment throughout the supply chain. From cultivation of the raw material to waste disposal. Because, according to Dario Casalini, one can only speak of sustainability if all steps in the supply chain meet the appropriate criteria. The criteria for “Made in Italy” did not go far enough for Oscalito. That is why the traditional Turin company has been using RFID technology since 2013. Consumers can thus trace all production steps seamlessly and transparently via the label.

Oscalito represents an authentic Made in Italy supply chain

And there’s more: Since 2021, numerous certifications have followed – GOTS and mulesing free have been introduced. Made in Green by Oeko-Tex are on the Agenda 2022. Produced with renewable energy. Sustainable and recycled materials are used for the packaging.

Human beings are the only living thing on our planet for which must wear a “second skin” to protect him in order to survive the different climatic conditions. This skin must be fashionable, trendy and at the same time as comfortable and versatile as possible.

Happy with the status quo? You never really are at Oscalito. Again and again we check, readjust and set new goals in various areas towards even more sustainability. Next steps? Oscalito would like to offer made-to-measure underwear to further increase the wearing comfort of its collection. The idea of offering an embroidery service that creatively integrates signs of wear on favorite items aims to extend the life cycle. Yes, this is how consistent sustainability works.

And what does Oscalito mean? This is an abbreviation for the company founder Osvaldo Casalini Lino Torino.

Unfortunately only available in Italian: The book “Vestire buono, pulito e giusto. Per tornare a una moda sostenibile” (Slow Food Editore) by Oscalito CEO and industry expert Dario Casalini. In which he transfers Slow Food principles to the textile industry.

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Oscalito has a clear focus on everything that has direct contact with the skin. The second, separate Natyoural line complements the range with women’s outerwear.