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Tashay – inspired by nature

Tashay is more than fashion. Tashay is the dream come true of the Argentinean Adriana Castillo, who with the establishment of her label brings traditional textile work made of exclusive natural fibers to Europe and thus supports small and medium-sized certified companies from Peru to southern Argentina.

After studying business administration, Adriana Castillo came to Germany to do her Masters in International Business in Nuremberg. The native Argentine had nothing to do with textiles. After various positions in sales, marketing, corporate management and consulting at renowned international companies and banks, the idea arose to combine her Latin American culture with that of Europe. Her innate “artisan gene” and her interest in social and economic issues, the development of international relationships, especially in the Spanish-speaking world and in her home region of South America, finally led to the founding of her label and online shop TASHAY in Bad Homburg in 2019.


Adriana’s goal? The creation of jobs that respect traditional textile weaving techniques and the Andean culture, revaluing the heritage of Latin America.

The now B Corp-certified company supports textile productions in South America, which stand for the best quality and sustainability, craftsmanship and individuality. Adriana’s commitment helps to enhance culture and work in remote areas such as the Andes, from Peru to southern Argentina. And that women, who play an important role in the production of the fibers and the manufacture of the products, can develop their respect. It is particularly important to Adriana to create and permanently protect jobs in remote communities in the Andes, with the greatest respect for the environment, the people involved in the entire process and the quality of the garments.

Because we protect our earth through fair clothing and strict standards. Adriana Castillo


Her XL ponchos and sweaters and cozy hats are made using traditional weaving techniques that are passed down from generation to generation in Andean communities and local businesses. Tashay works exclusively with small, certified companies and craftsmen to ensure the highest standards in terms of social and ecological performance, transparency and corporate responsibility. And – another important aspect – to maintain traditional craft techniques. Adriana knows all of her trading partners in South America personally. The entrepreneur spends a lot of time in her old home to make new contacts with craft businesses, farmers and wool merchants. And of course, to personally convince yourself of the working conditions on site.

Each part of TASHAY is unique and stands for pure individuality.

Good to know: Llama (fiber)

The llamas are kept in a species-appropriate manner in the wild. The animals are sheared manually once a year. The fiber is warm, light, robust, water-repellent and has excellent insulation properties. It has a temperature balancing effect and is hypoallergenic, as it consists of natural proteins with a very low proportion of lanolin and fat. The natural llama fiber also has an antibacterial effect. In other words: bacteria cannot multiply on their surface and die. The llama fiber is biodegradable.

Tashay is Quechua and means “abundant harvest”.

The Tashay collections are based on the natural colors of wool. In other words: natural, black and various gray and brown tones. Natural dyes from the region are used, which are obtained from woods, seeds, plants and herbs. This means that harmful chemicals can be avoided as far as possible. The result: high-quality, nature-loving premium products that combine the cultures of Adriana’s homeland and her adopted home.

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