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Afora world

AFORA world – unisex from berlin

Christine Metz is not a blank slate in fashion. She is a trained clothing technician and fashion tailor, studied fashion design at AMD in Berlin and gained professional experience at Berlin brands such as Liebeskind and Lala Berlin. After 13 years in the industry, she founded the label she has always dreamed of: fair, sustainable, transparent and minimalist.

Good craft; Good processing techniques for the products and very good quality of the fabrics are the basic requirements for Christine Metz from AFORA world for what is meant by fashion. Fair, sustainable and transparent are the factors that the designer also brings in. Not as a marketing strategy, but out of her self-image.

Her idea? High quality products at fair prices that you can enjoy for a long time.

Because for Christine Metz, the future of the fashion industry lies in sustainability. That’s why she founded her unisex label AFORA world in 2019, which unites the starting points that are important to her. Starting with the name: AFORA stands for “all for all”. Unisex continues this thought, and anyone who thinks this is a simple approach is wrong. Because the cut for unisex collection pieces is far more complicated than separately for mens and womenswear. Good to know: unisex sounds uncomplicated. But unisex is very tricky from the design perspective. Because XS has to work equally for men and women. Keyword: shoulder line.

The future of the fashion industry lies in sustainability, fairness, transparency. Christine Metz

The busy visionary met her Dutch-Turkish (certified!) Producer at the Innatex order fair in Hofheim / Wallau. It wasn’t easy when it came to issues such as regional supply chain, sustainability, reliability, good communication and transparency. Christine wants to know where the organic cotton she uses is grown.

All AFORA world products are well thought out and developed in Berlin.

She developed her fabrics herself. And that you notice. Fibers are not mixed at AFORA because Christine works according to the cradle-to-cradle principle and her parts can be easily recycled. In this way, elastane and plastic are avoided completely in order to avoid microplastics. Nevertheless, their fabrics are elastic. Smart fabrics make a lot possible. It goes without saying that the buttons also fit into the concept: They are made from corozo.

Afora world

Christine’s approach? Easy recycling of all parts.

The product development, including the paper cuts and prototypes, takes place 100 percent in Berlin. At AFORA world, there is no need to sew in labels, as they are often cut off and thrown away. Instead, the material information is printed. The care instructions can be found on the hangtag and in the online shop.

All for me – all for you – all for all. We aim to be fair in every respect: people, animals and the environment.

Speaking of hangtag: this is made from recycled paper and printed with watercolors. The hanger on the hangtag is of course also made from 100 percent organic cotton. Branded with their “All for me – all for you – all for all” claim, the small ribbon also works as a friendship bracelet and therefore does not end up in the trash.

Radical transparency in all areas.

Ganz ohne Plastik kommt auch AFORA world nicht aus, denn der Schutz für den Transport ist gesetzlich vorgeschrieben. Dafür verwendet Christine die Plastiktüte “OLAF” aus 100 Prozent recycelten PET-Flaschen. Die Versandverpackung stammt von der Firma “Biobiene” und besteht aus recyceltem Papier. 
Die AFORA-Aufkleber auf der Verpackung produziert “Die Umweltdruckerei”.

AFORA world cannot do without plastic either, because protection for transport is required by law. Christine uses the “OLAF” plastic bag made from 100 percent recycled PET bottles. The shipping packaging comes from the company “Biobiene” and is made of recycled paper. The AFORA sticker on the packaging produces “Die Umweltdruckerei”.

Why doesn’t Christine Metz talk about collections?

Because she started with only seven parts. However, they are as well selected as possible, can be combined with one another and always result in an individual style. This is expanded step-by-step but without seasonal pressure. Pretty consistent. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to more products.

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