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Who we are?

We are maximally networked and equally enthusiastic game changers who put future visions into practice without losing sight of reality. We are realizing tomorrow’s ideas today. With passion for people, fashion and our planet.

Our big plus: We are part of the sustainable community. We blog, work as speakers, publish sustainable texts as journalists and are event organizers. This means:

Sustainability is not a Trend. Sustainability is a Lifestyle.

We come from practice

We know the problems

We are maximally networked

We speak the same language

We are the CHANGE. Are you in?

More about Mirjam

Elle, Glamour, Vogue – I wrote for the trendy fashion magazines. As an online editor at a time when many high fashion brands didn’t even have a website.

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Later also as a print editor who understood the online mechanisms early on. After 16 years of permanent employment at publishers, I set out on a new path. I stayed true to the fashion and lifestyle topics, but with a contemporary idea: Let’s make eco the new normal. Since 2016 I have been writing about fair produced fashion on my blogzine And because I found my mission in treating the environment and people with respect, I founded GREENSTYLE munich fair and conference in 2018, an innovative trade fair and conference format for sustainable and fair fashion. At the same time, I still write for magazines like VOGUE, enorm Magazin or GLAMOUR. In the meantime, however, as an expert on sustainable topics. What else do I do? I founded the sustainable fashion network SALON GREEN, work as a fashion revolution ambassador and give lectures on sustainable fashion at universities, for organizations, at events and for the state capital Munich.

Mirjam about Susanne

Born in Austria with her adopted home of Bozen / South Tyrol, she works as a publicist, moderator and coach. But above all, she is very enthusiastic about sustainable fashion in all its forms.

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She not only writes about this for franzmagazine (South Tyrol), designs and hosts the radio show “How is the future going?” On RAI South Tyrol, she also records podcasts with sustainable icons such as Kirsten Brodde (Greenpeace) and Alf-Tobias Zahn (Grossvrtig) tries to live sustainability in her private life too. At the 2nd edition we met Susanne Barta at GREENSTYLE. Today Susanne moderates panels at GREENSTYLE, interviews experts for the digital GREENSTYLE conference, writes texts, portraits, columns. Together we realized the GREENSTYLE Pop up at the #biolife at the Fiera Bolzano in Bozen.

What does Susanne say about herself? Depending on the phase of life and mood, I describe myself differently. If there is such a thing as a common thread, then perhaps with immense curiosity and discipline to immerse yourself in new topics, write and speak, great interest for people and how they live her lives, for art and culture and dealing with the future and how we can get there with dignity and responsibility.

More about Florens

During my graphic design studies at the U5 Academy in Munich, I gained experience in publishing houses (Condé Nast Verlag – VOGUE, Burda – Focus Magazin) and agencies (customers such as Ludwig Beck AG, Columbia Tristar Film GmbH) that match my graphic view and my skills not only have they trained and developed, but they still contribute to my network today, enrich it and expand it.

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After graduating as a graphic designer in 1999, I worked in various positions as an art director in a corporate publishing agency for clients like Tchibo Magazin, Bertelsmann, Die Zeit, MAN, before I decided to start my own graphic and communication agency STUDIO XY. Today I work for customers such as Audi AG, Bahn AG, FC Bayern AG and GREENSTYLE munich fair and conference in the conception and design of print materials, online appearances, means of communication etc. Extract from the customer directory: Arabella Sheraton GmbH, A.T.U. GmbH, BAYWA AG, BMW AG, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, MAN, Tchibo.


What connects us? The desire to shape the future positively and to put visions into practice.

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"We don´t need a handful of people doing it perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly"



We have understood and we are talking about it. By connecting people. Give products and brands visibility. Place topics. As a full-service communication agency with an XL network, we have the right solution for every topic.


Do you have a good company idea but do not yet know whether and how to implement it? Is your start-up in a challenging phase right now? Isn’t it working so well when working in the company? We advise and accompany you, give feedback and make sure that you will soon be able to take the next step successfully.



Together you are not only less alone – a lot is better together. Please contact us if you are looking for a suitable partner for your business. Maybe we can help you.


Are you looking for the right location for your next event? We have an XL network and would be happy to find an exceptional location for your event in Berlin, Bozen (Italy), Munich, Paris, Vienna (to be continued)



Before a text is read, the eye has long made a decision about the content based on the image. Optical communication is all the more important. The graphics from the stationery to the poster, from the email signature to the logo.



Writing is our passion. And that fits perfectly with sustainable topics. Because this is about storytelling. The big advantage of YOUR story over conventional brands? You have a story. With draft. We would be happy to prepare them for you for the appropriate medium: online and offline, from postcards to online platforms.



Would you like to communicate your responsible attitude and visionary attitude with your event? We are happy to come up with exciting eco brands and conjure up an XS-to-XL version of GREENSTYLE in your location.


Conception & implementation of individual conference formats – digital as well as analog. You give us your (sustainable) topic – we deliver the content, speakers etc.


In order to be able to implement our own events according to our ideas, we have long searched for the right equipment. And we found it. In order to save research work for everyone else who values sustainable parts, we lend our furniture including accessories.

The offer includes: hangers, clothes rails, changing rooms, monitors, vintage leather two-seaters, raffia baskets, shelves etc.

Request catalog and price list here


What differentiates sustainable products, collections, themes from their conventional counterparts? There are always real people and a real story behind it. We work with you to ensure that your story reaches the right people. With the right content, the right wording and the right address.


Are you looking for the right person to embody your sustainable product? If we are enthusiastic about a brand or a product, “we give everything” to put it in the limelight, to inspire others to tell the stories. Contact us



Portrait photography for your own website or fashion editorials – we have the right photographers for all requirements who know what is important for sustainable productions.


Are you looking for models for your fashion show or a shoot for sustainable products and collections? Then we have the right choice for you. After all, you want to book someone who is as passionate about the conscious lifestyle as we are. Sustainability is about credibility and that’s why you don’t want your campaign model to be in front of the lens for Fast Fashion & Co. a short time later.



You have style or you don’t have it. Of course that’s nonsense. Everyone can learn from the professional how to find his own style, who can bring out his personality – ideally with items of clothing that you already own. Also possible as a group event / incentive and as online coaching.



Today less is more. A clearly defined wardrobe has a liberating effect. But what are the right parts to keep that are still missing to create the perfect capsule wardrobe?



Mirjam Smend and Susanne Barta are competent speakers for sustainable fashion topics. Plus: We have an interesting speaker network and would be happy to find the right speaker for your event.


We get your topics moving – for your homepage, for Instagram, for your product. Because now is the right time to think about a longer-term strategy for moving images. Together we will work out a solution for your successful brand presence – with messages that are well received and content that really tells something.


... brands that appreciate responsibility and future the same like we do.


Wanna dive in our projects?

Brand Ambassador for Lemon Jelly Shoes @ Digital Pressday by Think Inc. Communications, April/May 2020

Sustainable Fashion Exhibition @ Empfang der MCBW, BMW Welt – March 2020

Fotoshooting for GREENSTYLE – March 2020

Speaker @ Presseempfang MCBW, HFF München, February 2020

Speaker @ Textil- und Modedialog Verband VTB, Munich Fabric Start, February 2020

Panel “Influencer Marketing” @ NEONYT, Berlin, January 2020

Partnermatching/Cooperation: New Heritage x PUREVIU by GREENSTYLE, December 2019

Speaker duo Mirjam & Susanne “Get Changed. Kann nachhaltiger Konsum die Welt verändern?” @ Kauri Store Bolzano

Partnermatching/Kooperation: GREENSTYLE x Giving Tuesday, Stadtsparkasse München

Speaker duo Mirjam & Susanne “Get Changed. Kann nachhaltiger Konsum die Welt verändern?” @ #biolife Fiera Bolzano, Bolzano

Speaker @ Kiwanis Club Bozen, South-Tirol Sustainable and fair fashion: “Be Curious. Find out. Do something.”, January 2020