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NIKIN – TreeWear for a greener planet

Giving something back to nature with sustainable and fair streetwear was the founding idea of the Swiss brand NIKIN, which plants a tree for every sold product. With well over a million trees, Nikin has made his contribution to the reforestation of the earth.

Nicholas Hänny and Robin Gnehm have long wanted to start a joint project. Their goal? To found a fashion label with a (positive!) Ecological impact and to show that it doesn’t take much to live more ecologically and thereby do something good for nature. The idea of ​​founding a brand that is committed to sustainability was therefore only logical. The go-ahead for NIKIN, the Swiss label that has suddenly been doing everything in rapid succession since it was founded in 2016, had been given. Since then, a tree has been planted for every sold product. With over a million trees planted, the NIKIN founders, who have known each other from childhood and have a common scout and skater history, have proven how serious they are.

Our planet, on which we are only guests and which suffers greatly from human influence, is irreplaceable.

In addition to a small gym sack collection designed by Nicholas, Robin and Nicholas had made 60 hats and for each of them they wanted to plant a tree. After three days, the Treeanies that were stored in Robin’s brother Jeffrey’s childrens room were sold out. The two of them were soon no longer able to meet the demand on their own. Robin’s family stepped in. The parents sewed the labels on, his brother Lester, actually a gardener, took over the logistics and sent the packages after work. Jeffrey took over communication and continues to do so to this day. This was followed by the move to a former vegetable shop in the neighboring village and, in summer 2018, to larger premises in an old toy factory.


The idea of ​​combining streetwear with reforestation has met with huge interest. The Swiss flagship start-up grew rapidly.

With the success, the owners have come a big step closer to their goal. They have gradually brought the production of their products to Europe, where today almost the entire collection is made. The TreeShirt production takes place west of Istanbul, north of Sofia (Bulgaria) the TreeCaps are made and the TreeSocks are produced in the Latvian capital Riga. Beanies are produced in Lodz (Poland) and the cotton tree packs come from the Czech Republic. Only the TreeBottle is still made in China because no adequate production facility has been found in Europe.

Environmentally friendly and recycled materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, Polylana Piñatex and bamboo viscose are used for the shirts, jackets, pants, bodywear. Since January 2019, NIKIN and its products have been officially “GOTS” (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, which guarantees sustainable and fair production. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) ensures adequate environmental and working conditions in cotton cultivation. Further certificates: STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX, SGS (Safety and Health) in China and Fairtrade for the TreeTowels.

„Tree by Tree“ – #givesomethingbacktonature

The Swiss brand with the tree in its logo wants to give something back to the earth through sustainable and fair streetwear. With its Tree Planting Initiative, the team supports global reforestation to make the world a little greener again. For every product sold, an amount is given to the NIKIN partner, the American non-profit organization OneTreePlanted (OTP), which regularly organizes reforestation projects worldwide. Always where the tree is most urgently needed after forest fires or deforestation. With the personalized tree certificate made of – of course – wood-free paper, e.g. made from waste from the sugar cane industry, the customer becomes an official tree sponsor with every order.


The next logical step followed in 2020 with the launch of their swimwear collection from Econyl and Seaqual. The two founders have extended their fight against deforestation and for the preservation of forests worldwide to the oceans in order to free them from plastic. Another step in this direction followed with the TreeLeggings, which have also been helping to clear the seas since the beginning of 2021.

More than one million trees (of course, the millionth tree was planted in the NIKIN home in Lenzburg) that have now been planted thanks to NIKIN.

NIKIN is committed to everything that helps to maintain the beauty and health of our ecosystem.

The sustainability requirement does not stop with the product. For the (plastic-free!) Packaging, used boxes from returns are used as far as possible. No additional filling material is used. Almost everything is separated and recycled here and disposed of responsibly. biodegradable products end up in their own compost system, where they are broken down into earth by earthworms and create natural fertilizers. And because tap water can be drunk in Switzerland without any problems, every new team member receives an own reusable TreeBottle on the first day of work – this saves countless amounts of plastic.


Good to know: At NIKIN, returns do not end up in the garbage like with other providers. Returned goods are offered at discounted prices in outlet sales (saves shipping!), are used at events or are donated. In any case, every product finds a happy new owner.

Next step? Sustainable Treepucino or Treetea in their own store. A combination of a café and a NIKIN shop. Because after Switzerland, the world, or at least Europe, is now being conquered.

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