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Sophisticated Knits

Sophisticated Knits – knit like grandma used to make

... only in cool. And that's exactly what Simone Sedlacek is all about with her knitwear label Sophisticated Knits. Less scratchy (hello, organic merino yarn!), lots of color and always with that certain something. And so the studied fashion designer has been knitting her iconic knit bombers, jumpers and beanies with attention to detail since 2022 - by hand, of course - in Starnberg. stitch by stitch. Piece by piece.

Simone Sedlacek loved to knit even as a child. She learned the art of creating her favorite textile items from two needles and fluffy balls of wool from Grandma Angelika. And because her search for high-quality, colorful knitted sweaters was unsuccessful, Simone finally fulfilled her dream of having her own fashion label with Sophisticated Knits after studying fashion design. With knitting.

Sophisticated Knits

Happy Handknitting! Knitting is so fresh today.

She started with Süsskind Knits, which became Sophisticated Knits in 2022. Since then she has been knitting cuddly favorite pieces with great attention to detail and always with a wink. And that’s what the fashion designer (Mediadesign University) is all about in the end: preserving the tried-and-tested handwork and, with her stitch by stitch, knitted cardigans, jumpers and headbands, setting a decelerated counterpoint to the ever faster fashion production.

Slow fashion means giving things the time they need to become good.

Light blue, lilac, peach, sage or mustard yellow. Simone loves colors. And her knits have a correspondingly high luminosity. Plain or striped. Plain or decorated with – naturally knitted – bows. Simone always develops the models herself. Handmade slow fashion – designed and made by hand with love in Starnberg. How long does it take Simone to create her iconic Knitted Oversize Bomber with volume sleeves and patch pockets? 8 to 10 hours. Delivery time: five days. After all, Sophisticated Knits is a one-woman show.

Sophisticated Knits

Simone’s mission: Translating traditional craftsmanship with a fresh look into the modern age

Knitted on the right or alternately in a checkerboard pattern – Simone only uses quality materials for the knitted bomber jackets, striped turtleneck jumpers and more. She prefers to knit with a fluffy (mulesing free!) GOTS certified organic merino yarn. The result? Just as durable as colorful basics and eye-catchers. And because Simone thinks of sustainability holistically, she always knits the entire yarn. Colorful zero-waste beanies, pillowcases, scarves and hats are made from leftover yarn. This is how contemporary fashion works today.

Good to know: Pilling

Like all wool products, Simone’s knits always need a little love. A pilling comb is therefore included with the order. Pilling is totally normal with a natural and not chemically treated yarn and is not a sign of poor quality.

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