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SUSTYLE – sustainable and stylish bags

Shaped by her childhood in the Alps, many years of experience in the fashion industry and her scientific research on sustainable management, responsible design is a matter of course. Nathalie Haidegger-Riess brings her expertise and passion for sustainable management to the tote bags and shoppers of her label SUSTYLE, founded in 2022.

Nathalie Haidegger-Riess, who was born in Innsbruck, was practically born with fashion. The specialist shop for prams and clothing founded by the grandmother was taken over and expanded by the parents. That’s why Nathalie has known retail and international fashion fairs since her early youth.

After school, she studied in St. Gallen because Nathalie wanted to work in finance. Which she finally did for ten years. At the same time, she remained loyal to the family business and supported her mother in purchasing and took over press work and branding issues.

After the birth of her second child and the completion of her doctorate on the subject of “sustainable management”, the time had come for her to finally put out feelers in the direction of fashion again and contribute her wide-ranging expertise to her own company.

I want to inspire people to make a real difference to our environment and other people in their daily lives in a fun, stylish way. And to enjoy it every day and over a long period of time. Nathalie Haidegger-Riess

Her label SUSTYLE, based in Munich and Düsseldorf, came about when Nathalie was looking for high-quality, contemporary and reusable bags for everyday use: feminine, practical and of course sustainable. Since the beginning of 2022, she has had her tote bags and shoppers made from natural materials (organic cotton). The cotton is GOTS and OCS certified. She also uses recycled materials for the interior design. The tote bags are produced in a GOTS certified facility in India. The shoppers in India and Pakistan, the t-shirt in Portugal. The hand-drawn illustrations are applied with GOTS-certified colors.


Meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. Or: sustainable + stylish = sustyle

Overproduction is not an issue for SUSTYLE, because all motifs are created in maximum limited quantities. Of course with the option of post-production and under fair working conditions.

The SUSTYLE idea? Tote bags and shoppers that not only make everyday life more beautiful, but also install sustainability as an everday tool.

What makes the SUTYLE Bags special? They are not only manufactured ethically and ecologically sustainable. The founder has also thought about every little part. And found the optimal solution. The handles are stable and comfortable at the same time. Perfect for over the shoulder or in hand. The large storage space meets sensible subdivisions. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with recycled cotton fibers. And a big plus: the bags are machine washable.

SUSTYLE “Go Circular”: Sustainable – from design to recycling!

For SUSTYLE, acting responsibly does not stop with the choice of materials and production. With “Go Circular”, Nathalie has taken an important step towards the circular economy. Thanks to SUSTYLE, bags that have reached the end of their carrying cycle can be put to a meaningful new use through professional recycling.

You can’t always bring new goods onto the market without worrying about the end of the lifecycle. Nathalie Haidegger-Riess

On the occasion of SUSTYLE’s participation in the GREENSTYLE @ Heim+Handwerk, the existing portfolio was expanded to include shoppers and t-shirts with the “GREEN is the new Black” motif. Available online from/since December 2022.

Incidentally, Nathalie Haidegger-Riess sets shipping costs very specifically (up to a purchase value of 60 euros). Because this is about price transparency. Instead of hiding them in the product price, it specifically shows the shipping costs. The bags and shirts are shipped (inter)nationally with DHL GoGreen.

Good to know: SUSTYLE has a B2B area. Here interested parties can have the bags branded for their companies/customers.

All information and the SUSTYLE online shop. Click here >>>