wunderwerk – 100% nature, 150 % style


With his extra high demands on sustainability, wunderwerk founder Heiko Wunder does not always have it easy. It’s not about “easy” either. He wants to optimize what can be optimized and therefore for his brand, founded in 2013, consistently refrains from anything that harms people, animals or nature. The result? Sustainable style that easily plays in the big leagues.

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Through her collection, Giulia Becker shows that sportswear can not only be functional, but also sustainable and sexy. The leggings made of recycled PET are colorful and dynamic. The collection is produced under the fairest conditions and the hand-painted prints make you want to do an intense workout.

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AA Gold

AA Gold

During the production of garments, up to 20% of resources are lost and are considered fabric waste. With AA Gold Arnold Gevers proves that textiles can also be produced without waste. He starts at the beginning of the value chain and thus designs patterns without waste.

“Today’s fashion system does not reflect the needs of today’s world,” says Arnold Gevers, fashion designer and professor at the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design in Munich. Because he does not want to submit to this system, he has given his visions a framework and founded AA Gold in 2019. His goal: change.

The Change is GOLD

The use of sustainable materials and a contemporary adaptation of the design process are an integral part of his concept. His enthusiasm for the zero waste theme, which he developed during his collaboration on the Kopa Kona collection with the artist Michael Hofstetter, has been further developed with AA Gold. The result? Contemporary styles for contemporary people.

100 percent style – 0 percent waste.

The design method behind zero waste fashion requires the transformation of certain details and shapes of the garments. Our aim is to develop designs that are both contemporary and fashionable despite their limitations. The styles are fresh and with flair and at home in fashionable wardrobes.

Start of the crowdfunding campaign: October 2019

The implementation of the AA Gold collection Maxi Over can be supported from October 2019 within the framework of a crowdfunding campaign.

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