NIKIN – TreeWear for a greener planet


Giving something back to nature with sustainable and fair streetwear was the founding idea of the Swiss brand NIKIN, which plants a tree for every sold product. With well over a million trees, Nikin has made his contribution to the reforestation of the earth.

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Thokk Thokk

Thokk Thokk

Everything started with the Munich eco label Thokk Thokk with T-shirts. The characteristic, graphic prints were (and are) printed by hand in Munich. Today, the collection is a stylish mix of classic basics and striking statement pieces that are produced – certified according to the highest bio-fair standards such as GOTS and Fairtrade.

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Piueqo (+eQ’o)

“Flanking” – the combination of “flashing” and “ankle” – is the trend that reveals ankles. Whether this is healthy is another question. It can get a bit uncomfortable in winter, when doing sports, or hiking in the mountains. Socks definitely have a right to exist. Especially, if they are as fashionable and sustainable as the ones from Piueqo (+eQ’o).

By now, the no sock movement has begun to falter and fashion fans are turning this no-go into a trend. Socks and stockings are the icing on the cake for a certain casual look. And these sustainable models are from Italy.

The Italian label +eQ’o (pronounced piueko) produces in Brescia and attaches great importance to its company philosophy. The name is not easy to pronounce, but company founder, Claudia Siracusa, had the following thought: the + stands for naturalness, color and comfort; when pronouncing the e, the face smiles; the Q stands for quality; the apostrophe stands for removing the superfluous and concentrating only on the essential. Makes sense.

© +eQ’o

Piueqo (+eQ’o): from clean for cool

Whether classic, revitalized unisex pilgrim socks or pink and white patterned merino socks that can even be worn in heels as a fashion statement – the brand with its complicated name +eQ’o (if you read it often, it’s easier to remember!) produces socks and stockings made from maximum sustainable materials such as linen, tencel, bamboo, wool and organic cotton on its own machines. And for the whole family. The materials are GOTS, ICEA, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, BioRE and Woolmark certified.

Good to know: The names of the collections are based on the four seasons and are then called, for example, “The Aromas of Autumn“. One thing is certain – the XL range has the right model for every style and season.

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