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Stay Awhile

Stay Awhile

Rent what you like; buy what you really love. Thekla Wilkening has long been aware that renting is the new way to buy. Since 2019, the co-founder of the clothing store, Germany's first fashion rental concept, has been bringing her expertise in borrowed clothing to her project, Stay Awhile.

We decide where and how we live, where and how we work, so why not also decide how we consume clothes? And not every outfit has to stay in your wardrobe for the long term. This saves a) resources (bye-bye bad purchases), revitalizes b) your own wardrobe thanks to the label mix of Stay Awhile and c) is just more fun.

Stay Awhile
© Alexander Probst

Bye-bye bad purchases. Hello Stay Awhile

Established sustainable brands like Armedangels or LANIUS are combined with the small, fine collections Shipsheip or Saint Mignar. Vintage pieces provide that extra shot of individuality that makes for a fine contemporary look.

Stay Awhile makes fair fashion fans happy every month

Rental items can be individually selected on the website or put together by styling professional Thekla. How does it work? Fill out a questionnaire, add your favorite and then wait for your parcel. And if you fall in love with a clothing item, you can buy it at a reduced price.

The outsourced wardrobe from which you can borrow whatever your heart desires.

Thekla does not leave her customers alone when it comes to styling: Style inspirations from Cherie Birkner from sustainablefashionmatterz, blogger Mia Marjanovic from heylilahey and Bina Nöhr from stryleTZ can be found in the Influencer section.

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