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make somebody happy

make somebody happy – affordable fashion for every body

The term "family business" is to be taken literally at make somebody happy: three sisters who founded a sustainable fashion label into which the traditional family values of reuse and respectful use of resources flow. Her goal: to close the loop and make their wearers happy.

For the three sisters Andrea Spahn, Bärbel Richter and Christine Richter-Hess, sustainability is the most natural thing in the world. After all, they learned from their parents and grandparents what social responsibility and love of nature mean and how to integrate these values into everyday life. Reuse was a big thing in the family. Carpets became rugs, bed sheets were made into tablecloths, and clothing was passed on within the family.

MAKE SOMEBODY HAPPY. Make somebody strong. This is an inner attitude of the 3 sisters.

In the summer of 2019, the twin sisters Andrea and Christine and their older sister Bärbel specified their desire for a family business and shared interest in fashion and gave it a name. In 2021 the dream became reality: with the sustainable fashion label make somebody happy, which produces under fair, social and ecological conditions and which the sisters want to develop further in the direction of the circular economy.

… we are far from perfect, but on the way … and can still do a lot to contribute to the preservation of our environment.




The materials? Pure nature. Organic cotton (from Europe), recycled cotton from denim and hemp, which they source from selected certified partners. Production takes place in certified production facilities for which resource-saving processes and environmentally friendly production are a matter of course. Andrea, Bärbel and Christine have specifically chosen producers in Germany (e.g. textile manufacturer Maria Seifert in the Ore Mountains) and Europe in order to keep the transport routes and travel routes as short as possible. Thanks to direct contact, it is not only possible to ensure ecological and social standards, but also to continuously develop them further.

Fairly produced in Europe.

Fashionable and affordable.

Sustainability also makes you happy.

Together with the production partners, they are working on the development of new resource-saving yarns and printing options with a long-term view of a collection that can be recycled. Sustainability is constantly being further developed in all areas and thought through to the last detail. In this way, leftover fabric can be processed further. A sophisticated fit concept with a transparent measurement table is an important factor in reducing returns. You won’t find any polyester bags at make somebody happy. Packaging is used sparingly and in a way that conserves resources.

make somebody happy is a statement of appreciation from and in fashion

In order to make all bodies “happy”, the collection is based on the oversized idea, which Andrea consistently thinks along with the jumpers, shirts and pants. In addition, make somebody happy works with timeless styles in small collections that can be easily combined with each other. The “Slow Fashion” collection with carefully designed fits is only supplemented twice a year with selected highlights. The collection is available from 34 to 48 to make as many women as possible happy.

make somebody happy


The motto of the three sisters? Make others happy and strong, preserve values and move forward together. With respect for people and nature.

An even stronger sensitization for a more conscious handling of natural fibers, e.g. when washing, not only ensures that enormous resources (electricity, water, detergent…) can be saved here, but also that the items of clothing can be worn longer. The sisters also always keep an eye on the topic of price, as it plays a major role in efforts to bring about a broad rethink and participation in environmental protection.

Sustainability must not remain a niche and must be accessible and affordable for an even larger customer base…it takes many people to get involved…

A further step towards recyclability is being planned: the three founders would like to take back worn clothing from their own collections in the future, so that this resource can also be meaningfully transformed into a “new creation” and thus remain in the cycle. In the long term, parts of the label’s production are to be transformed into a social business that can offer good prospects to people who otherwise have few professional opportunities.

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