Sophisticated Knits – knit like grandma used to make

Sophisticated Knits

… only in cool. And that’s exactly what Simone Sedlacek is all about with her knitwear label Sophisticated Knits. Less scratchy (hello, organic merino yarn!), lots of color and always with that certain something. And so the studied fashion designer has been knitting her iconic knit bombers, jumpers and beanies with attention to detail since 2022 – by hand, of course – in Starnberg. stitch by stitch. Piece by piece.

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NIKIN – TreeWear for a greener planet


Giving something back to nature with sustainable and fair streetwear was the founding idea of the Swiss brand NIKIN, which plants a tree for every sold product. With well over a million trees, Nikin has made his contribution to the reforestation of the earth.

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wunderwerk – 100% nature, 150 % style


With his extra high demands on sustainability, wunderwerk founder Heiko Wunder does not always have it easy. It’s not about “easy” either. He wants to optimize what can be optimized and therefore for his brand, founded in 2013, consistently refrains from anything that harms people, animals or nature. The result? Sustainable style that easily plays in the big leagues.

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