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Christiane Strobel

Christiane Strobel – constant clothing

With her label of the same name, Christiane Strobel relies on timeless, high-quality designs that will become long-term companions. With her sophisticated blouses, pants, dresses and jackets - designed in Cologne, eco-fair and socially produced in Marrakech - she wants to democratize quality and make sustainable design accessible to more people.

At Christiane Strobel, fifty shades of blue meet pure white. Christiane Strobel shows how varied and creative an almost completely tone-on-tone collection can be. How does she do it? She masters the exciting game with surprising cuts. She also combines traditional embroidery (handmade in Marrakech) and modern details.

Longevity is the most beautiful kind of sustainability. Christiane Strobel

The colors? Timeless. The cuts? Refined. The first impression? Minimalistic with that certain something. Christiane Strobel wants to achieve appreciation again with timeless, high-quality fashion. At the same time, with her collections she would like to make her contribution to ensuring that consumer behavior changes and can change and that responsibility towards other people and our environment is assumed.

Christiane Strobel

The future is fair fashion with an appealing, timeless design, characterized by high quality and made from natural materials.

Her secret? At first glance, understated clean chic. On the second one discovers the ingenious details that make the collection so distinctive: creative collar solutions, detailed quilting, small embroidery (tone-on-tone of course!), Volume sleeves with hole embroidery, stand-up collars that are knotted at the back, deep-seated bags, handmade Paper buttons from Japan, cord stoppers (also from Japan) that create an exciting silhouette and create a “want to have” feeling that sustainable fashion has long been missing.

All you need is less and a better quality.

The collection is not that big. It doesn’t have to, either, if it contains the right pieces. From classic white shirts to voluminous blouses and wool joggers to work wear jackets, you will find selected favorite pieces – made from terrycloth, wool, chambray with a denim look, poplin, organic twill. With the aim of becoming long-term companions.

Transparency along the entire supply chain is a very valuable asset for the Cologne brand.

At Christiane Strobel, sustainability begins with the design. In order to be able to manufacture products with a longer service life, more time is invested in their development. Christiane Strobel is convinced of this: the future will be fair fashion with appealing, timeless design, characterized by high quality and made from natural materials. That is why she only uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool for her timeless, minimalist cuts, which are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or soil additives and taking into account the environment and the people involved in the processes.

Christiane Strobel

We take responsibility for what we send out into the world.

Production takes place at Alnour Textiles, a social company that is unparalleled in Marrakech. More than 30 women with physical disabilities are currently working at Alnour Textiles who do not have a chance on the job market in a Muslim country. For many of the women this is their first permanent position. It is very important that women are not only challenged but also encouraged. That is why courses in reading, writing, basic arithmetic and IT basics are offered, as girls and women often have no access to education.

Designed in Cologne. Manufactured eco fair and social in Marrakech.

More than half of the embroiderers have already been trained in the company. The accessibility of the building and medical health services are just as natural here as free meals, the existence of a daycare center or the transport of workers to and from work. Yes, fashion can also be good …

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