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BESONNEN – mindful yoga wear

With her yoga label BESSONNEN, Annett Borg designs long-lasting fashion that is intended to reduce the pile of textile waste in the fast fashion industry. The trained fashion designer and founding member of Fashion Revolution Germany expresses her circular approach in her circular capsule collection.

From the yoga studio to the office and then to dinner with friends – you don’t need much for that. You just need the right clothes. Minimalist design, high-quality materials, a lot of style and maximum flexibility are the demands that Annett with BESONNEN has on her collection in order to save resources, make the world a little better and also make the wearer a little happier.

We believe that versatility and multifunctional materials are the answer to the pile of textile garbage in the ‘fast fashion’ industry. Annett Borg

After her first job at a London high street label, the trained fashion designer knew that this would not be her way. The fast fashion industry produces too much waste. She returned home and not only took her first steps on the way to becoming a green fashion pioneer. As coordinator of the digital awareness campaign ‘Fashion Revolution Germany’, she paved the way for the sustainable fashion movement. The Berliner chose the name for her own slow fashion label very deliberately, because “BESONNEN” is not just full of sunshine. This is about mindfulness, awareness and inner peace.



Longevity is an important sustainability factor at BESONNEN.

This is why the trained fashion designer relies on durable fibers and innovative finishing techniques with low environmental impact for her label. Clear designs and functional details (keyword: high waistband, extra strong seams) instead of seasonal trends also extend the wearing time of an item of clothing. The clearly defined color palette from steel gray to kissable red and noble black to bright Bauhaus blue works just as well tone-on-tone as with Mix’n Match. The materials? Clearly recycled and circular in order to protect resources that are becoming increasingly scarce.

One world’s waste is another world’s ressource

The focus of BESONNEN is a well thought-out capsule collection for sport and leisure, which can be combined with each other or with other items of clothing. The favorite pieces are made from organic cotton, Tencel and Econyl in a factory in Poland.

Our mission is to transform the fashion market sustainably through a resource-saving and circular business model. Annett Borg

The BESONNEN bustiers and leggings are made from the 100 percent recycled nylon fiber ECONYL® fiber. It can be recycled without losing quality, which is particularly important for the return of the products. Tencel is used for the BESONNEN T-shirts and tops because this fiber is manufactured in a closed production cycle. The Econic Kimono (always fits!) Uses organic cotton, which pays into the sustainability account with 91 percent less water and 60 percent less energy consumption (according to the Soil Association).

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