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Belle Ikat


Bright colors, iconic patterns, each fabric is unique – inspired by the stories of cultures, the label BELLE IKAT from Mannheim has been combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary cuts in its seasonless dresses, tunics and scarves since 2018.

BELLE IKAT does not offer collections in the classic sense. The label has actively decided against the fashion seasons with its timeless and contemporary pieces. New pieces are created when appropriate fabrics are produced. And they are rare, even today they are still made by hand. That’s why the brand’s pieces are limited – a maximum of 20 pieces are produced. Often there are only ten. Particularly elaborate pieces are made to order.

All BELLE IKAT pieces are strictly limited to emphasize individuality.

It takes two weeks for the experienced craftsmen/women with whom BELLE IKAT founder Isabella Stadler works together to produce a panel by hand with the 40 centimeter wide fabric. This craftsmanship was almost replaced by machine production and chemical dyeing processes. It was revived by the government after the Uzbek declaration of independence in the early 1990s. More and more family businesses are concentrating on the production of biologically produced ikat fabrics.

belle ikat

Inspiration for new models? The diversity of the world’s cultures.

And Isabella Stadler unites these in herself: born in Armenia, raised in Israel and surrounded by numerous cultures. After studying tourism, the ex-model travelled the world and brought home numerous finds. These include the traditional ikat fabrics that tell stories and inspired Isabella Stadler to found her label BELLE IKAT.

Sustainability and social responsibility have top priority at BELLE IKAT.

Only natural materials are used for yarns and colors. It goes without saying that Isabella Stadler pays her craftsmen/women fairly. She regularly travels to the Fergana Valley to maintain personal contact with her suppliers. In addition to the fair payment of her producers, the “Made by women for women” label supports social organizations such as “Saheli Women” and “Terre des Femmes”.

Good to know: How an ikat fabric is made

Ikat means “binding” and “wrapping” and refers to the special dyeing technique. For this purpose the yarn is wrapped around drums and dyed in sections by hand with natural dyes. Alternatively, the iconic patterns are created by binding individual sections of the yarn strands with wax or cords made of plant fibers. Even after the dyeing process, these sections remain raw white. When the fabric is used up, new patterns and colors are created.

Since 2020 at BELLE IKAT: Vyshyvanka embroideries from the Ukraine

belle ikat
Traditional embroidery from the Ukraine

Since 2020, BELLE IKAT has continued its enthusiasm for traditional craftsmanship and the history of different cultures on some of its most popular linen blouses and dresses. The inspiration for this collection came from the Ukraine, where since the Middle Ages Vyshyvanka embroidery has been passed down from generation to generation to protect against evil spirits.

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