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Cora Happywear

CORA happywear – by mothers for mothers & children

It is thanks to the siblings Elisabeth and Daniel Tocca that sustainable fashion is an issue in South Tyrol. While Daniel founded his label Re-Bello in 2013 after long preparations and thus became the first sustainable fashion brand made in Italy, Elisabeth Tocca founded her mother-child label CORA happywear, inspired by her younger brother.

With the founding of CORA happywear in 2014, Elisabeth Tocca was not only a pioneer in the field of eco-faire fashion. It has also closed a niche in the market. Before there was no eco-fair children’s fashion label in Italy. Her idea of ​​including mothers in sales was also extremely innovative.

“It is very important to me how we can coherently deliver on this promise of sustainability.” Elisabeth Tocca on

Today the team around Lisi Tocca produces contemporary basics for babies, children and women. From mothers for mothers and children. And from always exciting materials that she combines innovatively. The portfolio includes natural fibers such as eucalyptus, beech wood, bamboo and of course organic cotton. Alternatives to organic materials are also important to the mother of two. As well as innovative consumption models. Borrowing / leasing is an important topic for the South Tyrolean. Because baby clothes are particularly suitable for circular models.

Wear the future – feel the nature – be CORAgeous

The eco-fair garments are made from sustainable materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, bamboo and eucalyptus in Italy, Greece and Turkey. Elisbateh Tocca visits her partners twice a year to ensure the transparency of the supply chain. Her prints are created using water-based screen printing, where the otherwise used chemical agents are replaced by water. Her big goal: to be able to produce cradle-to-cradle. Because that is the only meaningful future of sustainable fashion for her.

And who is Cora?

CORA is not a name. CORA is a noun. Because ‘coraggio’ is the Italian word for courage. And for CORA, courage means constantly improving the production processes in the textile industry, constantly selecting raw materials that respect the environment and the skin, follow the rhythms of nature (including people) and be socially and sensitive in business. For CORA, research and experimentation with new types of fashion consumption are key factors for innovative, environmentally friendly production. And courage is the heart of the South Tyrolean brand. Elisabeth Tocca needed it when she left her job as Brand Manager at Salewa in order to work on her own vision with enthusiasm and a lot of joy and to set up her own company.

In cooperation with the Plan aid organization in Italy, CORA happywear donates two percent of their margin to the project “Sponsorships for children in Senegal”.

Get to know Lisi Tocca personally and experience CORA happywear in the CORA Boutique | Via Vintola 6a | Bolzano / Bozen – Italy

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