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Corvera Vargas

Corvera Vargas

Fairness, transparency and zero waste are the principles of Maria Vargas’ label located in Berlin, producing contemporary fashion from leftovers since 2013. This not only reduces the waste within the textile industry, but also leads to highly limited, great individual pieces at an affordable price.

Corvera Vargas works with textile remnants from German fashion houses, covering a full 95 percent with materials that would otherwise have ended up in the garbage. This is a completely different approach to the production of a collection, since often only very small quantities of fabric are available. Between two meters of fabric and two whole rolls of fabric, anything is possible.

Corvera Vargas covers 95% of its production with leftovers fabrics

Corvera VargasRelaxed and timeless – that’s how casual fair fashion works

It is clear that normal seasonal collection production is not possible in this case. Accordingly, the collection, produced in Poland, grows by a few pieces every two weeks – depending on the availability of fabrics. This is challenge, as designer Maria Vargas says herself, one that makes her grow.

“Small quantities increase the value of clothing”

Fairness meets Transparency

In addition to fairness, a central issue at Corvera Vargas is transparency. It is about building and maintaining long-standing personal contacts with suppliers and producers. Positive side effect: quality control. Maria Vargas enjoys working with local creative people from Berlin as well as from her South American home country. #bettertogether

Corvera Vargas
Alpaca Bomber

Always used: Alpaca wool

This is where her preference for alpaca wool comes from, which she uses to create intricate pieces like short wrap jackets and knitted bombers. Good to know: Corvera Vargas only uses Fairtrade wool from the Bolivian Highlands, treated with biodegradable detergents and dyed with environmental friendly dyes. Thereafter the wool is knit into cozy pieces by a couple in El Alto. Full transparency about Corvera Vargas’ production partners can be found here

“Without mutual support, slow fashion does not work”

Welcome @ (C\V)

Good to know: All products are available online or at the Corvera Vargas Studio (C\V) at Pflügerstraße 70 in Berlin. Here you will find Maria’s womenswear collection, favorite pieces by jewelry designer Rah Rah Studio and lingerie and swimwear by Anekdot. This is where an Open Studio Week was held for Fashion Revolution Week under the motto #WhoMadeMyClothes.

And the name? That’s Maria’s family name: Maria Corvera Vargas. A name to remember!

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