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Neonyt Lab

GREENSTYLE x Neonyt Lab – a complete success.

For months we have been working towards three days of GREENSTYLE x Neonyt Lab in the Union Halle in Frankfurt. It's hard to believe that the sustainable fashion event that we were able to realize together with the Neonyt team at Messe Frankfurt is already over. What remains are great memories, moments, encounters, conversations and next steps on the way to the new normal.

What does it take for something to finally change and for sustainability to become the new normal? To do this, the real decision-makers must be reached. That is why the D2C format GREENSTYLE has been focusing on end users/consumers and influencers since it was founded in 2018. And this time, thanks to the partnership with Neonyt/Messe Frankfurt, this approach worked even better than before. For three days we were able to meet designers, activists, consumers and content creators from over 20 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Denmark with the GREENSTYLE brands and their makers as well as the Neonyt formats in the Union Halle in Frankfurt.

The Neonyt Lab has impressively demonstrated the power that arises when the right people come together. Miriam Smend

30 Brands @ GREENSTYLE the store Area

“The first Neonyt Lab was a complete success. We had three great days with an inspiring program of fashion and lifestyle, exchange of knowledge and of course lots of fun. A fashion community has met here in the Union Halle that is serious about wanting to transform the fashion industry,” says Bettina Bär, Show Director Neonyt.

Sustainable fashion makes a difference. We make a difference!

Sustainable fashion pioneers as well as visionary start-ups and consumers on the other hand have to rethink fashion and consumption (keyword 1.5 degree lifestyle) and show more environmentally and socially compatible ways with their business models and ideas.

Neonyt lab

GREENSTYLE panels x Fashionsustain Conference

At the start of the conference, we spoke to Annabelle Homann (COO & Head of Marketing/ LANIUS), Sören Maihack (Co-Founder & CEO / goodlabels GmbH) and Eik Lämmerhirt (Co-Founder / Keepoala GmbH) about the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle and us asked whether sustainable fashion can become the new normal. If we really want the urgently needed change, then we have to radically rethink fashion and consumption.

On Saturday we set out to look at alternative consumption models: Shopping 2.0. We cast the panel with Carmen Jenny (Co-Founder CLOTHESfriends), Jasmin Huber (Founder WeDress Collective) and communications strategist and rental pioneer Thekla Wilkening. The three renting experts gave an insight into their businesses and research results on the subject.

Neonyt lab
© Neonyt @ Dita Vollmond

The fact that we have to make a sustainable commitment was already a topic on day 1. On the third day of the conference – with the closing panel – we wanted to give all participants another “call to action” to take with them. We spoke to Axel Schröder (Sustainability Manager / Tchibo) on the subject of “Taking action… sustainable commitment in companies, organizations and private individuals”. can work out for themselves. Susanne Barta (journalist / freelance) has generated a lot of visibility for sustainable brands and their makers as an individual in South Tyrol. And Salma Akli gave insights into the commitment of the Frankfurt Fashion Movement/Fashion Revolution. Conclusion: Everyone can make a difference. #letsact

Standing up for sustainable fashion is a political stance! Salma Akli-Bichowski

Prepeek for Content Creators

All shooting slots fully booked. The content creator format Prepeek also worked in Frankfurt. Numerous content creators took the opportunity to discover the collections of sustainable brands (including LANIUS, Widda Berlin, Bridge&Tunnel, Addition) and to have themselves professionally styled and photographed. Exclusive insights into the Prepeek Area can be found here in the video:

Thanks to everyone who made the GREENSTYLE x Neonyt Lab what it was: great.

Thanks to our presenting partners Neonyt and Wildling Shoes. Our partners Tchibo (don’t miss it: here’s our joint podcast) andPeriod Furniture, who furnished the GREENSTYLE Lounge with their sustainable, timeless furniture.

Neonyt lab

That’s what they say about GREENSTYLE x Neonyt Lab

Enthusiastic feedback after three days with exciting conference topics in the Fashionsustain area, countless shootings with content creators in the Prepeek area and regionally produced, upcycled, less and zero waste collections as well as innovative consumer models in the GREENSTYLE the store area: “Bravo, master line.” “Thank you for letting us be there.” “We’ve been missing talks like this for two years.” “Finally a meeting of the community again.” “We already recorded our costs on the first day”. “Exceeded all expectations”…