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Neonyt Düsseldorf

New edit: Neonyt Düsseldorf goes Bilker Bunker

After three Neonyt editions at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf-Lörrick, the fourth edition of the sustainable order fair will take place in the middle of the city's creative quarter in order to make the topic of sustainable fashion accessible to a wider audience. In the Bilker Bunker. With an innovative, contemporary concept.

It’s not just fashion trade fairs that have been looking for new concepts since the pandemic. For new stories to tell. Productions that keep up with the zeitgeist. Eventization is the magic word here. Neonyt in Düsseldorf is now taking the next step with the fourth edition in July 2024.

Neonyt Düsseldorf
Perfect Match: Neonyt Düsseldorf in Bilker Bunker

This is new for the summer edition of Neonyt Düsseldorf:

Location // Bye-bye, Areal Böhler. Hello, Bilker Bunker!
Duration // Concentration of the event duration on two days
Open for Public // Open Doors for end consumers from 3 p.m.


In January 2024, sustainable fashion moved into the Bilker Bunker for the first time as part of the SUSTAIN! consumer event organized by the Düsseldorf Economic Development Agency. Neonyt will take over in July 2024. The air raid shelter number 25 – as this is where the Bilker Hochbunker was built on the corner of Aachener Straße and Karolinger Straße in 1942 – with its different levels is perfect for an event as multifaceted as Neonyt Düsseldorf.

Neonyt Düsseldorf
Sustainable events in the pictures bunker. From the left: Sandra Cheung (Lai Chun), Anke Didier (Dainty Dystopia / Neonyt), Nicole Blank (Neonyt), Mirjam Smend (GREENSTYLE)


Neonyt @ Bilker Bunker: innovative space for art, culture and lifestyle.

There are four floors of sustainable brands and their makers waiting on site. The Sample Sale Boutique will be available for the first time on the third floor. THE STAGE is at home in the basement. Here, Neonyt Düsseldorf offers food and networking, workshops and impulse talks on current topics and sustainable solutions for brands, retailers, media and makers.


In addition to the location, the running time has also changed. Instead of three days, the platform for new technologies, future products & innovations opens its doors over two intensive days in July.
These are the new opening times: Saturday, July 27th, 2024 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sunday, July 28th, 2024 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., daily from 3 p.m. open for public.

Neonyt Düsseldorf
Left: Repair Rebels from Düsseldorf in the Bilker Bunker – this is how repairs work today.


With temporary access for the interested public from 3 p.m., Neonyt creates contact between leading brands, established labels, newcomers and end consumers. At Neonyt in the Bilker Bunker, fashion enthusiasts can get to know the people behind the brands. See what you can look forward to in the coming season, discover new sustainable brands and purchase your favorite sustainable pieces at the sample sale in the third floor boutique or at the stands.

This is also possible in the fashion metropolis of Düsseldorf

The FASHN ROOMS (also Igedo Exhibitions) will take place on the Areal Böhler area from July 27th – 29th, 2024. At the same time, around 600 showrooms with almost 1,000 national and international fashion brands will open their doors as part of the Düsseldorf Fashion Days (DFD) by Fashion Net.

GREENSTYLE is once again a partner of Neonyt. Stay tuned.

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