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ALICIA VICTORIA – less waste leather

Alicia Linz wants to stop wasting raw leather. How it works? For the timeless, classic bags of her label ALICIA VICTORIA, she uses leather with natural "flaws". Instead of sorting out this unique raw material, it is used consistently. Vegetable tanned, produced transparently and (hopefully at some point) declared a design classic.

Leather is a valuable raw material. All the more shocking is the fact that leather with natural marks (scars, holes, bumps, mosquito bites, etc.) is ignored, sorted out and declared a garbage product by the fashion industry. Alicia Linz has dedicated herself to these unloved leather hides.

We want to raise awareness of the naturalness and value of leather as a raw material and link it to a new definition of aesthetics. Alicia Linz


Alicia Linz came up with the idea for her label while visiting a traditional Hamburg tannery during her design studies, during which she learned that precious leather is not used consistently. To change that, she uses the entire skin for the bags of her label, which was founded in 2017, and produces bags that are as unique as they are minimalist. Two years have passed from the idea to the first finished product. It took so long to set up the concept, work out sketches, order and assess leather samples, manufacture the first sample parts and finally create the first series of bags made of leather hides with a striking look.

In addition to the sensible use of high-quality raw materials, a second focus is on the transparent supply chain.

The timeless, classic bags are produced in a family company in Bogota, Colombia. After long research, Alicia Linz finally found what she was looking for. All the other establishments she had visited before did not live up to her ideals. The leather of the leather manufacturer, which has been in existence for over 40 years, comes from the region and is only obtained from organic farmers who keep their cattle on large pastures. The bags are made here across generations and with attention to detail. In addition to great specialist knowledge and skill, this requires many specialists who carry out the individual steps to perfection.


The essence of the bag label ALICIA VICTORIA? Environmental sustainability.

To ensure this, the manufactory has changed its entire production cycle. The leather was vegetable tanned according to EU environmental and water protection standards in order to keep production as environmentally friendly as possible. The ALICIA VICTORIA team accompanied the process of creating their first collection with the three models “The Character Strong”, “The Special” and “The” Fine “for seven months to ensure that all processes met the high ecological and social standards and meet design-technical requirements.


Berlin – Bogota – St. Gallen

Even if in Europe – unlike in the textile industry – there is still no obligation to label leather products, Alicia Linz uses her information as transparently as possible. In each of her pockets you can find information about the locations of the ingredients suppliers, the location of production and the location of the company with a design studio in Berlin. In addition to information about the material, each piece is provided with an individual serial number that provides information about the number of products manufactured in the corresponding series. The nickel-free zippers are handcrafted in Ticino and purchased from the Swiss company RiRi Mayer from St. Gallen.

Good to know: Getting leather from the region and having it processed in local companies is of great importance to Alicia Linz. That is why she is looking for a corresponding opportunity in Germany. She has already taken this step for her next product, a wallet.

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