Neonyt approved // 5 questions for Lavinia Muth

Lavinia Muth

Why does the sustainable order fair Neonyt Düsseldorf call itself “THE FAIR FAIR”? Because all brands exhibiting there are “Neonyt approved”. Greenwashing excluded. We owe this to the catalog of criteria from Neonyt and Lavinia Muth*, who, as Sustainability Advocate & Consultant, carry out the final check of the brands.

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Sustainable Fashion Fairs. Next edition.

Nachhaltige Modemessen

After (fashion) trade fairs were declared superfluous and outdated during the pandemic (“after all, you can depict everything digitally”), the “post-pandemic” restart on the floor showed: No. It just doesn’t work that well digitally. Fashion is clearly linked to haptics. With fits. With emotions. Not to mention the personal contact that many (all of us!) missed. Means: The fairs are not gone. On the contrary.

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Neonyt Düsseldorf. Next edition.

Neonyt Düsseldorf

After the successful first event in January, the next round of Neonyt will take place in Düsseldorf from July 22 to 24, 2023 in Areal Böhler. With GREENSTYLE as supporter and communication partner. And maybe also with you as a brand.

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Fashion Fair Month. My comment.


January is – at least in Germany – fashion month. Starting with the Berlin Fashion Week including three trade fair formats, continued with the Innatex, which celebrated its 51st edition in Wallau near Frankfurt. The fashion order cycle was just completed by Neonyt, which took place in Düsseldorf for the first time as a licensed product of the Igedo Exhibitions. Our review of the fashion tour.

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Prepeek by Neonyt Düsseldorf


Neonyt has moved from the Spree to the Main and now to the fashion city of Düsseldorf. From January 28th to 30th, 2023, not only over 60 sustainable (Neonyt approved!) brands can be discovered in Areal Böhler. In addition to the Fashionsustain conference format, the Prepeek networking format will also take place again. And we’re in.

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Ulrike Kähler. A conversation with the trade fair organizer

Ulrike Kähler

“Neonyt goes Düsseldorf” was the motto in September 2022. Means: Messe Frankfurt has sold the license for the B2B order fair Neonyt to Igedo Exhibitions in Düsseldorf. The first Neonyt will take place on the Rhine from January 28th to 30th, 2023. In the Böhler area. Parallel to the Fashion Rooms. We spoke to Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director of Neonyt Düsseldorf.

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4 years – four cities. Exactly four years ago we organized the first GREENSTYLE in Munich’s Haus der Kunst. Four years later, our event series took place in four cities. Makes us a little bit proud. A journey through time with our GREENSTYLE campaigns

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