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The ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN label was created in 2016 from her passion for handbags and the long-cherished wish to found her own company. What is behind the name? A handbag and wallet collection that is as minimalist as it is colorful, made from certified natural leather. Made 100 percent in Germany.

Clutch, Hobo Bag, Evening bag with an eye-catching ring – the statement bags in bright colors speak for themselves. But ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN products can do much more than just beautiful. Sustainability is just as important to the Frankfurt designer. And that’s part of the DNA. Because high-priced, inferior quality products bothered the designer just as much as product promises that are not kept. That is why ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN bags and purses stand for durability and the highest quality her customers can rely on.

The trademark? Vegetable tanned, purist, elegant leather goods made from luxurious natural leather.

The designer with Danish roots combines clear lines with bright colors, surprising handle alternatives and eye-catching elements such as large metal circles that not only works as handles, but also give her bags an iconic look.

Alexandra Svendsen

Her Danish roots are written in the face of the timeless, puristic statement bags by Alexandra Svendsen.

Her exclusive leather goods and accessories are 100 percent handmade in Germany from ecologically sustainable natural leather. The leather is certified several times (IVN, ECARF) and comes from cows in the German alpine upland. It is a “leftover product” from meat production, because unlike pork, beef is not eaten with the skin. Of course, vegetable tanning is used. The fact that no heavy metals are used makes the leather not only wonderfully soft, but also particularly environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly. The ingredients such as yarn, lining and zippers also come from traditional German companies and are of the highest quality.

100 percent Made in Germany – from the first to the last step

Alexandra Svendsen devoted a lot of time to the selection of suppliers, her materials and her manufacture. Because it can only live up to her demands for sustainability and quality if every part is right and she can stand behind every used ingredient. To ensure that it stays that way, all procedures and processes are constantly questioned and gradually developed. German leather goods manufacturers shares her demand for the highest level of perfection and precision, where she has had her bags and wallets produced according to centuries-old craftsmanship since 2016. You can see that in the bags. And that sustains the craft.

For Alexandra Svendsen, sustainability is not a status. For the smart designer, sustainability is a process. That’s why she wants to become more sustainable with every step.


Well thought out from the start

Link chains and wide belt straps in a wide range of colors give ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN bags a new look in no time at all, without the need for a new bag. Alexandra Svendsen is very aware of how valuable her “work material” is. That’s why she uses scraps to make small and very small leather goods such as pencil cases. Zero waste production in the truest sense of the word.

Good to know: Some pink “Purea” products are marked with the logo of the non-profit organization Powerful Coral, which is committed to protecting coral reefs. Because 25 percent of all creatures living in the ocean are dependent on coral reefs, ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN donates 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale.

ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN has been a member of the Fashion Council Germany e.V. since 2018.

Here you can find more information about ALEXANDRA SVENDSEN