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akjumii – sustainable high fashion

Since 2012, the two akjumii designers Anna Karsch and Michaela Wunderl-Strojny have been focusing on sustainable high fashion with an avant-garde touch. What else could be optimized about it? With the 3IN1COAT, the visionaries have developed the ultimate sustainable garment.

It all started for the design duo akjumii with studying fashion design at the AMD (Academy for Fashion and Design) in Munich. This was followed by the establishment of their brand akjumii (2012), a studio with a shop (2015) in the sustainable heart of the city – in Glockenbach. The fan base for their individually made special event fashion, their wonderfully avant-garde Zampa Coats (to be styled just as casually as elegantly) or their flared skirts made of wonderfully surprising materials and textures grew quickly. Just like the desire to work more sustainably.

Still a little bit more. They can’t get enough of sustainability.

Also in the focus of the two visionaries at that time? Production in Germany and Europe to keep delivery routes short. Just as mandatory as the use of natural materials. And of course fairness along the supply chain.

What can be improved now? Not much. But they did it.

And suddenly the two designers went into a creative retreat in order to turn their desire for the ultimate sustainable garment into reality. They searched for and tested fabrics, researched ingredients, developed, discarded and optimized cuts, only to return to the fair fashion scene with a bang after more than a year. Their crowdfunding campaign to finance their latest stroke of genius started at the end of October 2020. Because the 3IN1 Coat from akjumii combines all of the expertise of the two designers. Perfect cut and the highest demands on sustainable production.


The 3IN1 Coat from akjumii is much more than a coat. It’s a sustainable masterpiece.

The clever masterpiece can be worn in three (!) ways: as a coat, as a vest and as a jacket. There are interchangeable add-ons such as fluffy teddy collars (made of fair wool fleece), cheeky Made-in-Germany fringes (a limited souvenir from India that should be replaced by a certified material) that can adorn jacket hems or the coat waist. Various statement collars ensure that the 3IN1 COAT can keep up with all trends and be individually designed again and again. And because only the best quality is good enough for both of them, there is a lifetime guarantee through free repairs. It goes without saying this, like the entire production, will take place in Germany.

Smart high fashion style. Made in Germany – 130 kilometers from Munich.

The crowdfunding campaign, which is required for the production of the first 3IN1 COATS, will run until December 6, 2020. The versatile coats are currently available in black, gray and blue with a reduced crowdfunding thank-you price.

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Good to know: for every sold coat, akjumii donates 1.3 percent of the sales price (at least 10.10 euros) to FEMNET e.V. The association campaigns for the rights of women in the global clothing industry.

The two were asked not just once about their Asian sounding name. The artificial word is made up of “a you and me”. Because the item of clothing made with love is always a bridge between the designer and the wearer. How true.

The akjumii store with atelier on Reichenbachstrasse has been a sustainable institution since 2012.

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