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VIKTORIA MOSER – vegan designer shoes

High heels and flats with inner and outer beauty - this short message precisely describes the idea behind Viktoria Moser's shoe label of the same name. The Hamburg resident uses "vegan leather" for her collections in order to rule out animal suffering and to inspire women for alternatives to classic leather. With success.

When Viktoria Moser launched a shoe collection for women in 2019, she (and still has) not only focused on design. With her label VIKTORIA MOSER, she is just as interested in the future and respectful treatment of the planet. It should – just like the animal world – not have to suffer from her designs. The logical consequence for Victoria? Bye-bye, animal products. For her label of the same name, the committed animal rights activist has consistently said goodbye to all animal products and instead relies on environmentally friendly alternatives.

The VIKTORIA MOSER credo? A modern company must take responsibility for its actions.

For Victoria, animals are a source of inspiration, not her source of raw materials. That is why you will look in vain for leather, fur, feathers, silk and adhesives of animal origin in their PETA Approved Vegan certified flats, sandals, pumps & heels. Instead, she uses “vegan leather” for her collections. It is more expensive to “produce”. Animal suffering is 100 percent excluded. Less animal suffering = more fun.

The search for sustainable alternatives is a top priority for Viktoria Moser. Of course, without any restrictions in terms of quality or design.

The high-tech material from which her collections are made is developed from polyurethane and polyester in an environmentally friendly and water-saving manner. The look and feel of leather is perfectly imitated – with better properties at the same time. It is breathable, temperature and moisture regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, soft and easy to care for. Not to mention the fact that her products have nothing to do with the carcinogenic chemicals from low-cost leather processing. Sounds good? Is fantastic!


She sees her collection as an invitation to customers to change the fashion industry together with her.

Whenever possible, the visionary works with recycled materials and uses fabrics made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. The shoes are designed in Hamburg. Her sexy and sustainable darlings are made in the epicenter of the Italian shoe industry in Riviera del Brenta. Viktoria only selected family businesses that share her values ​​and guarantee fair working conditions. To ensure this, she is personally on site during production.

Each of us can make the world a better place through our daily choices.

Good to know: Viktoria Moser can also do clothes

Born in Northern Russia by choice, the Hamburg native has turned her passion for fabrics, cuts and tailoring into a profession. And with considerable success. The casually elegant collection of the AMD (Akademie Mode & Design Hamburg) graduate was nominated for the Baltic Fashion Award by Escada founder Wolfgang Ley. Her showrooms were also a great success, which made her visibility in major fashion magazines possible. Nevertheless, in 2019 she decided to live out her creativity with vegan designer shoes and to give support to the weakest on this planet: the environment, animals and women in poor regions.

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