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Montreet – sustainable Outerwear

Nadine Schratzberger from Vienna has managed with Montreet (until the end of 2019: Nasch Sportswear) to develop a unisex jacket that not only meets the functional requirements of three sports, but is also at the forefront in terms of sustainability. The eye-catcher factor of your recyclable collections is provided by the Viennese artist BOICUT.

Just outdoor wasn´t enough for Nadine Schratzberger. Her collection should be sustainable through and through. That’s why she works exclusively with recycled materials for her label, which was crowdfunded in 2018 (at that time Nasch Sportswear). Not only developed as performance clothing for different sports, but also as a favorite in town. This is where performance meets fashion. And nature on city. This approach becomes clear at the latest with the name, because Montreet is made up of MON for la montagne (French) and TREET for street (English). The former Esmod and University of Applied Arts graduate successfully expressed this approach in her jackets. A short time later, the range was expanded to include leggings and #ZeroWaste accessories.


MON for la montagne (French) & TREET for street (English)

Um einem globalen Zusammenbruch entgegen zu wirken, wurde der #thecircleofMONTREET geschaffen. Heißt: Bereits im Designprozess und bei der Produktion wird das Recycling mitgedacht. Deshalb werden bei Montreet ausschließlich sortenreine Materialien verwendet, recycelte Materialien, die sich auch wieder recyceln lassen. Um hinsichtlich der Funktionalität mit konventionellen Brands mithalten zu können, aber trotzdem dem “less impact” Anspruch Genüge zu leisten, sind die Produkte mit einer zu 100 Prozent recycelbaren Membran ausgestattet und PTFE/PFC-frei sowie mit OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 ausgerüstet, um sie wasserabweisend und atmungsaktiv zu machen.

To counteract a global collapse, #thecircleofMONTREET was created. This means that recycling is taken into account as early as the design process and production. That is why Montreet only uses single-origin materials, recycled materials that can also be recycled again. In order to be able to keep up with conventional brands in terms of functionality, but still meet the “less impact” claim, the products are equipped with a 100 percent recyclable membrane, are PTFE / PFC-free and with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, to make them water repellent and breathable.

The sports fashion industry is part of an environmentally harmful chemical chain. We have to leave it. Nadine Schratzberger

Longevity is also a top priority at Montreet. After all, extending the life of clothing from one year to two years can reduce CO2 emissions by a quarter. That is why Montreet relies on high-quality materials and appropriate processing. Should a product nevertheless show signs of wear and tear or be damaged in any other way, Montreet offers a repair service. The products are repaired by the charitable tailor Schön&Gut or converted into a new product. The first repair is free. For each further repair process, a small fee is charged, which is due to the tailoring.


More than just fashion

In all collections there are local artist prints that turn garments into works of art that are carefully treated.

# Rent your jacket

If you don’t use your outdoor jacket regularly, you can rent the various models since January 2020 instead of buying them. In this way, resources are used intelligently, since bad purchases are excluded. Good to know: The rental price (from 3-4 days 35 euros) will be offset in case of purchase. Everything you need to know about the smart rental service can be found here

And where are you from?

Most of the Montreet fabrics come from Germany, Austria and Italy. Production is carried out by selected and specialized European manufacturing partners in Portugal, Ukraine and Austria. Both producers and fabric suppliers are consistently and transparently disclosed on the website

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