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Amaran Creative

Amaran Creative – Upcycling from former favorite pieces

A dress made of ties? Goes. And looks great. And it's great for the environment too. Sinah Schlemmer is committed to both – sustainability and style – and has been making statement pieces from duvets, towels, curtains, tablecloths and used clothing for her upcycling label Amaran Creative in the Westerwald since 2020

As a trained dancer, Sinah Schlemmer (then Hoenig) danced her way across the stages from Munich to Cape Town until, back in Germany, she began studying marketing and fashion design. Sinah completed her last semester in Miami, where she did an internship at a ski station and was promoted to marketing manager for a ski channel. At the same time, she founded her own ski fashion label, which she discontinued after a serious skiing accident and returned to Germany.

Show the world what you stand for.

Back in Welschneudorf in the Westerwald, which she left at the age of 18, she founded her upcycling label Amaran Creative as a statement for more environmental protection. Because with Amaran Creative, Sinah not only wants to change the fashion industry. She also wants to save the Westerwald behind her front door. In order to draw attention to the dead and deforested forest areas, Sinah collected money by selling her unique upcycling items and contributed to reforestation together with The blue and yellow tie dress from the Memory Collection was auctioned to benefit the “Doctors Without Borders Ukraine Aid”. Each piece is a statement piece. Every part used for a worthwhile purpose.

Amaran Creative

Upcycling is a statement against wasting resources, mass production, fast fashion.

A colorful summer dress for the cooperation with Oxfam was made from colorful 70s bed linen. Jeans become a patchwork bag. The handles? A former belt. She designs a shirt with a lace collar from a scarf and tablecloth, Lufthansa scarves are woven into bags, towels and curtains are creatively repurposed – everything gets a second chance at Amaran Creative. To do this, seams have to be undone and fabrics cut to size. Fashion design in the classic sense does not know these work steps. But it is precisely this transformation process from discarded goods to a new, upgraded piece of clothing that is special.

Each unique piece is designed and sewn by hand at Amaran Creative from old clothing and scraps of fabric.

Her raw material: always needed. This is how she saves clothes from the landfill. What the others no longer use is a valuable resource for Sinah, which she gives new life to with creative cuts. Upcycling is always a creative challenge for Sinah Schlemmer. The old clothes and fabrics that she receives and collects en masse in her studio in Welschneudorf in the Westerwald show what is possible. The resulting limitation is Sinah’s source of inspiration.

Amaran Creative

Fashion becomes so creative when the material determines the design.

In her studio in the Westerwald, Sinah makes one-of-a-kind hand-sewn items from used clothes and scraps of fabric. Unique pieces that tell a story that is as individual as the person who wears it. Speaking of history:her latest creation is the “Memories Collection”. And to the unique pieces made of ties there is one:

A few months ago I got an email. A woman wrote to me that her boss saw a program of mine on TV shortly before he died – and one of his last wishes was that I get his old ties so that I could make something new out of them. After reading the email, I cried with emotion. I should keep the memory of him with my clothes?

Stories like these, mostly from older people, are inspiration for Sinah Schlemmer. These people associate valuable emotions, memories with clothes. From these precious moments, something new is created at Amaran Creative. Something precious. In the case of the Memories Collection, a whole collection of ties that are given a “second appearance” as precisely tailored blouses and dresses.

Bye-bye, waste of resources. Hello, creative cycle!

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