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Wildling Shoes

Wildling Shoes

Everyone dreams of freedom and being grounded. Yet, we so often our shoes disconnect us from the soft meadow, the warm sand and the invigorating stone floor.

Our feet are stunted in the wrong shoes instead of being activated and strengthened by the changing ground. This is where Anna and Ran Yona’s philosophy comes in. Wildling Shoes (unisex!) with their innovative sole are the link between feet and nature. They offer protection and yet you can feel the world at every turn – like walking barefoot only much more comfortable. Their smart and sustainable free-your-feet concept has been awarded the NRW 2018 Founder’s Prize.

© Sandra Dienemann
© Sandra Dienemann

Walking barefoot with shoes

Why can only a small percentage of children keep their healthy feet into adulthood? The answer is: soles that are too stiff, too narrow, too heavy and too thick. Bad News – our feet not only degenerate in most conventional shoes, but they also become weak and sick. But GMUC wouldn’t be GMUC if it weren’t for GOOD NEWS: The smart construction of Wildling Shoes enables natural walking and can even reverse the first signs of degeneration and deformation.

Barefoot Shoes for the Better Walker

The secret: Wildling Shoes are based on an anatomical foot shape with a natural width and have no footbed. After all, the foot should work with every step and not be artificially forced into an unnatural shape.

© Sandra Dienemann
© Sandra Dienemann

Wellness for foot and mind

Maximum 3.5 mm thick, the wonderfully flexible soles allow important signals to be sent to muscles and joints and establish contact with the ground. This trains the muscles and activates immobile feet. The smart Wildlings soles were inspired by Japanese Ninja Boots. The two founders were inspired by a fox’s paw for the clever design of their sole.

Who wears Wildling Shoes, wears pure nature

(Organic) cotton, hemp, linen or cork – all fantastic alternatives to leather and plastics. Many Wildlings are vegan. If they are not, Wildling uses wool from landscape conservation projects, for example. The winter and transitional models are waxed using a method certified for GOTS textiles – this makes them water-repellent and yet breathable. Sounds good. Is good. Runs well.

More about Wildling Shoes. Click here.

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