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the future of fashion

GOOD news – the future of fashion is slow

It’s fantastic to see what moves her in the field of sustainable fashion. A new label here, a creative concept there. Exciting collaborations, innovative formats, visionary developments. With our quick & (not!) Dirty GOOD news we give a brief overview of various developments in the sustainable fashion sector. Why? So that we all stay up-to-date and have other topics than Corona

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The True Cost – the calculator from Dawn Denim

The most sustainable garment is what you already own. And it is the same with jeans. Of course, the makers of Dawn Denim are happy when their styles are bought. In order to encourage a more conscious use of clothing, the Dawn True Cost Calculator indicates the footprint of each of their clothing items

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DAWN Denim

What is when three visionaries meet with the urgent desire to do something better is unimaginable. In this case, a denim brand that produces in Saigon in fully fair and sustainable conditions. Fashionable styles with unique details.

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