Fashion from garbage – trash as a resource of the 21st century

The impact of textile production doubling over the past two decades on resources and landfills is huge. That is why Anna Schuster, co-founder of the London label JOA, relies on the resource trash. Fashion from garbage. It doesn’t go on like this, says Anna Schuster, who has taken new, sustainable paths in design. You can see the results of the pieces that she produces under her own name and that have brought her to the final of the Redress Award 2019. And with the fashion label JOA, whose co-founder she is. Here old clothes work as the starting material for individual items.

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Editor’s Picks: Christina Brabandt

Christina Brabandt

Shooting, Wardrobe Check, Personal Styling, Kleiderschrank Detox – Christina Brabandt liebt Mode und hat ihre Begeisterung zur Profession gemacht (ihr Portfolio gibt’s auf Dass sie seit über 20 Jahren in diesem Business zuhause ist spürt man sofort. Entsprechend leicht ist die Entscheidung gefallen, wer uns beim Styling für die GREENSTYLE Fashionshow supporten wird. Die hat zwar nicht stattgefunden. Alle 47 Looks haben wir aber fotografisch verewigt.

Christina Brabandt

Christina’s Stil

Christinas Stil? Maximal individuell. Von lässig bis elegant hat sie alle Facetten im Repertoire. Die Finesse liegt bei ihren Looks im Detail – ob Statement-Kette zum weißen T-Shirt oder Power-Blouson zur Skinny Jeans – die Looks von Christina Brabandt sind immer für eine stilvolle Überraschung gut.

Christina Brabandt

Editor’s picks: Christina’s Fair Fashion Darlings

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T-Shirt von PHYNE, 29,90 Euro. Jetzt kaufen>>>
Bomber Jacke “COCO” von JOA, 175 Pfund. Hier kaufen>>>
3D-Druck Kette aus Bio-Plastik von Rah Rah Studio, 99 Euro. Jetzt kaufen>>>
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Gobelin Stickerei by Anna Schuster


Anna Schuster, co-founder and designer of the upcoming label JOA Fashion wanted to present her upcycling bomber jackets to the public at the 4th edition of GREENSTYLE. In the MODE COMMONING panel she wanted to talk about the universe of alternatives and in her talk #trashionable about garbage as a new raw material of the 21st century. We’ll make up for it. Now embroidery is about her way of coping with fear

Embroidery is Anna’s creative solution to fear. Because it honestly accompanies us all. Everyone in their own way. Everyone deals with it differently. DIY and handicrafts against fear? Makes sense. Because anyone who has ever crocheted, knitted or sewed knows how quickly their thoughts wander. Another type of meditation that trains dexterity and mind and revives old techniques.

StickereiEmbroidery Tapestry embroidery: Needlework against fear

It is no coincidence that companies like ‘Wool and the Gang’ or ‘We Are Knitters’ that sell knitting and crochet sets are thriving. Handicrafts convey a feeling of self-fulfillment that working on a laptop hardly offers. It increases cognitive skills, improves memory and body coordination.

Embroidery instead of Netflix and Instagram

What Netflix and Instagram are to society these days were embroidery and other handicrafts for our grandmothers and their mothers. A job, a distraction and an opportunity to spend time with neighbors and friends. By sewing, they were able to exchange news, skills and experiences. So why not revive these old techniques, which have disappeared from everyday life and the apartments, in times of self-isolation, as well as spending your free time in front of screens.

The JOA makers have collected vintage kits and show through tutorials and videos how everyone can embroider themselves. Try it out here

Try it out here Please send a direct message to JOA

#staythefuckhome and start #crafting

Anna Schuster

Anna Schuster
Anna Schuster

The young German designer Anna Schuster demonstrates what many designers still want to accomplish: to find new, sustainable ways in design. Anna completed her fashion training at the London College of Fashion and at the Mediadesign Hochschule Munich. She sees working with “post-consumer waste” and “leftover materials” not as a limitation but as a challenge. She was a finalist in the Redress Award 2019 and is co-founder of JOA, a sustainable outwear brand, where old clothes are used as raw material for individual unique pieces.

Conservation of resources and sustainable production processes are high on her agenda. Anna works as a Sustainable Fashion & Design Researcher in various projects with the London College of Fashion and Centre for Sustainable Fashion (UK). Her credo: “The most sustainable practice is one that involves local making, reusing fabrics and clothes that are already made.”



The London-based zero-waste fashion brand, JOA, works with materials that no one else wants. Trousers, blouses, dresses that they get from charity stores – even if they were slow sellers – are transformed into bombers and parkas that are as individual as the people who wear them.

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