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the future of fashion

GOOD news – the future of fashion is slow

It's fantastic to see what moves her in the field of sustainable fashion. A new label here, a creative concept there. Exciting collaborations, innovative formats, visionary developments. With our quick & (not!) Dirty GOOD news we give a brief overview of various developments in the sustainable fashion sector. Why? So that we all stay up-to-date and have other topics than Corona

Are you ready for some GOOD news that will influence the future of fashion? It’s us. And because we have so much good news, we want to publish some of it here on a regular basis. Do you have good news from the field of sustainable fashion that our readers might be interested in? Please contact us at

Akjumii x CLOTHES friends

There has been another Sustainable Hotspot in Munich since mid-July: The Circular Fashion Space at Reichenbachstrasse 36. The address looks familiar to you? This is because Anna and Michi von Akjumii not only designed (studio) but also sold (store) their collections here for years. Now the makers of the 3IN1 Coats are doing something together with the founders of the peer-to-peer renting platform CLOTHESfriends and share the perfectly located shop: Here you can now try on selected second hand pieces from CLOTHESfriends and hand in / pick up the loaned pieces Use the exclusive advisory service for the smart Akjumii coats. Good to know: Anyone who uses Akjumii’s pre-order service now gets a 20 percent discount on their favorite coat

All information about Akjumii and CLOTHESfriends

the future of fashion

Cozy coffee break with WASS x Dawn

What happens when two brands meet who want to change something, who care about sustainability and who value good craftsmanship? Everything imaginable. In this case, a ceramic mug was created that we fell in love with at first sight. And what is WASS? WASS are the illustrator and designer Ini Neumann and the carpenter and interior designer Thorben Bringezu. They design and produce handcrafted ceramics and furniture locally in Hamburg. With natural materials, of course. Good to know: The handmade unique items are limited to 20 pieces and cost 41 euros

Find out more about the 7 am cup here >>>

the future of fashion

“We Respect Bees” Campaign by Save the Duck

The Italian B Corp company Save The Duck has now saved the lives of over 20 million ducks with its smart down alternative. The Italians are continuing their mission to protect animals and raise awareness of environmental issues among consumers and businesses with their current campaign. Protecting the bees is an essential measure that can make all the difference. All the more important when companies with great appeal use their communication channels to draw attention to this vital issue. Thanks for that and double thumbs up!

More about the “We Respect Bees” campaign >>>

the future of fashion

May we introduce: Sweet Magazine

We have a lot in common with the Munich agency Sweet Communication – interest in sustainability, desire for good vibes, long-term friendship. To put it briefly: We can’t get enough of the troop and their brands. We are all the more pleased that, in addition to the regular emails and meetings at Pressdays etc., a contemporary, digital continuation of the seasonal Press Days was launched with Sweet Magazine. The agency’s own online magazine is of course about the great brands from its own portfolio: LangerChen, Mandala, Belle Ikat, Calida, Armedangels etc. Curious? Rightly!

Hop over and enjoy >>>

Published: July 28th, 2021

Natascha von Hirschhausen celebrates all sizes

Natascha von Hirschhausen arbeitet seit Gründung ihre gleichnamigen Labels zero waste. Dazu hat sie auch auf einer der GREENSTYLE conferences schon gesprochen. Außerdem arbeitet sie ausschließlich auf Bestellung, um Überproduktion zu vermeiden. Jetzt ist die Berliner Designerin wieder einen Schritt weiter gegangen: Sie hat ein asymmetisches Kleid mit Größenübergreifendem Design entwickelt. Dank eines ausgeklügelten Schnittes passt es sich an verschiedene Lebenslagen, in denen sich der Körper verändert, an. Die Designs ändern sich übrigens monatlich. Noch bis 31. Juli ist das Bio-Baumwollkleid in den Varianten Schwarz/Schwarz und Schwarz/blau erhältlich. Vorbestellzeit: 4 Wochen. Handmade in Berlin.

Natascha von Hirschhausen has been working zero waste with her label of the same name since it was founded. She has already spoken about this at one of the GREENSTYLE conferences. In addition, she works exclusively to order to avoid overproduction. Now the Berlin designer has gone one step further: She has developed an asymmetrical dress with a cross-size design. Thanks to a sophisticated cut, it adapts to different situations in which the body changes. By the way, the designs change monthly. The organic cotton dress is available in black / black and black / blue until July 31st. Pre-order time: 4 weeks. Handmade in Berlin.

Click here for the pre-order >>>

SABINNA x Power Pottery celebrate the female body

Since Sabinna Rachimova and her label SABINNA met us, we can hardly look away from her well-thought-out good-mood looks. And now the Londoner by choice is teaming up with the pottery brand Power Pottery to celebrate homeware ceramics. The result? Vases, plates and candle holders with imperfect and organic shapes that express the female body in all its beautiful facets. The ceramic gems are of course painted with the Sabinna-typical flower print.

Limited availability via the shop (from 55 euros) >>>

Take off and do good with TOMS

TOMS has been committed to giving people the same opportunity to improve their future since 2006. They succeeded. TOMS has already made a positive impact on over 100 million lives with a third of its profits thanks to the support of the work of nonprofits. Now the brand has developed a new model: The Mallow is the further development of the iconic Alpargata. Viewed from above, it can be clearly seen that this is TOMS. The view from the side makes it clear what distinguishes the Mallow (price: 65 euros). The (white!) Platform sole is three times as high as its predecessor.

Float on cloud nine now and support mental health organizations >>>

the future of fashion
© Alina Schessler

New at erlich textil: nightwear

Short and long trousers for men, boyfriend shirts or two-piece suits made of a tank top and shorts for women: With the new nightwear collection with cozy cuts and fantastic materials (100 percent organic cotton), the fair fashion brand from Cologne is now making its fans happy even at night. Incidentally, the wool white and midnight blue styles are produced by the Seifert textile manufacturer in Eibenstock / Ore Mountains in Saxony. The company, which has existed since 1977, was taken over by designer Maria Seifert in 2020.

Discover the nightwear here >>>
Find out more about Maria Seifert >>>

the future of fashion

Now live:

What do I do with discarded clothing? Sell at the flea market or a second hand platform. Or rent, as is possible on the platform of CLOTHESfriends, WeDress Collective or NARNY. Or just give it away. Silfir founder Hanna Krominga pursues this approach together with Michael Gegg. The two want to close cycles and reduce clothing waste. That is why they have developed an app with the help of which you can give away favorite clothes to friends, family and neighbors.

Become part of the fashion revolution 4.0 and download the BETA version of the app n >>>

the future of fashion


Again and again we encounter brands with sustainable concepts and great collections. Like LOTTA & EMIL. The Osnabrück start-up with leather sneakers for her and kids, her + him. Lars and Nora Meyer founded the company in 2018 because, as a family of five, they were repeatedly faced with the problem of finding good but affordable leather shoes for the family. Why are shoes so expensive? Because there are usually too many middlemen. The two do without that. They work directly with suppliers from Europe and sell their shoes directly online in order to be able to offer their leather sneakers made in Portugal at a reasonable price. Good to know: The leather in the current collection has not yet been tanned completely without the use of chromium. The switch to vegetable leather is in progress.

Discover now >>>

the future of fashion

Go beyond by North Sails

On the occasion of the World Ocean Day, North Sails is continuing its GO BEYOND campaign and supporting the “Ocean & Climate Project”. Ten artists create ten ocean-inspired murals. It goes without saying that ecologically degradable wall paint is used here. The image of the duo Nabla & Zibe can be seen on the limited T-shirts available from June 8th. 30 percent of the proceeds go to the 30×30 project, an initiative that has set itself the task of converting 30 percent of the Italian sea into marine protected areas by 2030. Price: 45 euros

Support the GO BEYOND campaign with the purchase of the charity t-shirt >>>

Published: 15.6.2021