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The True Cost – the calculator from Dawn Denim

The most sustainable garment is what you already own. And it is the same with jeans. Of course, the makers of Dawn Denim are happy when their styles are bought. In order to encourage a more conscious use of clothing, the Dawn True Cost Calculator indicates the footprint of each of their clothing items

Dawn started the denim business with the big task of making denim production fairer. With their own factory in Saigon, Ines and Marian, the two makers behind the denim label, have control over how they treat their employees. And they obviously do that very well. They see themself as a big family. This is also confirmed by the Fair Wear Foundation, which has awarded the Berlin brand Leader Status for fair work.

Fair fits even better.

The two visionaries took the next step when they also considered the ecological aspect of their production. Organic cotton, recycled PET, projects such as Art on Broken Pieces, which ensure that defective productions are not shredded or burned, but instead are elevated to a textile work of art with individual embroidery and remain in the cycle.


Bye-bye, Greenwashing. Hello, transparency.

With the “The True Cost” calculator, Dawn has now taken the extra step. Instead of advertising how much water their products save or how much the CO2 footprint is reduced when buying a sustainable product, from the 2021 summer season you can read how great the “damage” is for each product that you cause with the purchase. All products are rated according to five areas of influence such as water consumption, global warming, scarcity of resources, eutrophication and chemistry. So that you can understand the numbers better, they are set in relation to everyday topics, i.e. linked to examples from your everyday life.

A little more patience please – the True Cost calculator will start soon. We’re exited about your feedback.

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