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The London-based zero-waste fashion brand, JOA, works with materials that no one else wants. Trousers, blouses, dresses that they get from charity stores – even if they were slow sellers – are transformed into bombers and parkas that are as individual as the people who wear them.

Julie Chaussende, Anna Schuster and Olivia Weber met during their MA Fashion Futures studies in London and found that they can only realize their visions of a sustainable fashion industry by doing it themselves. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Julie is taking care of the finances as a business professional, while Olivia and Anna are responsible for the designs of JOA.

JOA means design and production under one roof

And what does this vision look like? The London trio wants a textile industry that puts people and the planet above profit. That is why JOA works exclusively with post-consumer waste and overstock materials, produced in their own mini-factory, the so-called JOA Hub in East London. Not only fair, life-sustaining London wages are paid here. Mothers who have poor chances on the job market are trained here. As the next generation of designers, JOA is actively contributing to a change in the textile industry.

Seasonal timing cannot be imposed on the trio by the industry.

New products are only developed when required. For the three Londoners (by choice), countless collections per year and the sustainable idea do not fit together. All Bombers are unisex and available in sizes S, M and L. In order to keep the Londoner prices despite fair wages, JOA exclusively sells directly through its own online shop and at pop-up events. A certain percentage of JOA’s sales goes back to the charity stores to support the local community.

Wear your identity, show your personality, and help us change the world!

Sentimental Service: At JOA, favorites that have complete life cycles can be transformed into unique bomber jackets. And if the JOA-Bomber is no longer wearable, the brand reuse, rework or downcycle parts in the correct way.

Hello, 3-in-1 Bomber

Statistically speaking, the lining of a jacket is the first thing to break. Because they are committed to the durability of its products, all bombers are produced without lining. Instead, the trio relies on the 3-in-1 solution: the inner jacket is thus individually selectable, making the Bomber a cross-seasonal companion. The individual parts are easier to repair and wash.

Awards: JOA has been awarded the London College of Fashion “Student Enterprise Gold Award 2019” Anna Schuster was a finalist in the 2019 Redesign Award.

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