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Alexandra Dietl

Alexandra Dietl

As a stylist and trend scout, Alexandra Dietl has a feel for contemporary trends. That’s why she founded a design & consulting agency with a focus on sustainability and did the styling for the GREENSTYLE campaign.

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Bahhareh Karimi

Bahhareh Karimi – IMAIMA

As a young Muslim in Berlin in the 1990s, Bahhareh Karimi could not adequately express her love for fashion. With her own label IMAIMA, she makes fashion for like-minded people today.

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Kim Gerlach

Kim Gerlach – sun & rise.

Kim Gerlach advises, coaches and supports with her agency sun & rise. sustainable start-ups (mimycri) and fashion fairs (Helsinki Fashion Week, Prepeek @ neonyt, GREENSTYLE) in terms of innovation and sustainability

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Melina Heinze

Melina Heinze – NRNY

Just like her co-founder Janina Hoffmann, Melina Heinze dealt intensively with the dark side of the fashion industry before and during her textile technology and management studies in Reutlingen. The result? The foundation of the digital rental platform NRNY.

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Janina Hoffmann

Janina Hoffmann – NRNY

Even during her textile technology and textile management studies in Reutlingen, Janina Hoffmann asked herself how the fashion system can be revolutionized in the long term. Your answer is called NRNY and is a digital (rental) lending platform for consumers.

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Olaf Schmidt

Olaf Schmidt – Messe Frankfurt

From innovative fibers and technical textiles to sustainable fashion – Messe Frankfurt brings together the most important textile fairs internationally, for which Olaf Schmidt is responsible as Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies Olaf Schmidt

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Nanda Bergstein

Nanda Bergstein – Tchibo

As Director Corporate Responsibility for the area of corporate responsibility, Nanda Berstein and her team at Tchibo are shaping the corporate transformation towards 100 percent sustainable business activity.

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