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Gobelin Stickerei by Anna Schuster

Anna Schuster, co-founder and designer of the upcoming label JOA Fashion wanted to present her upcycling bomber jackets to the public at the 4th edition of GREENSTYLE. In the MODE COMMONING panel she wanted to talk about the universe of alternatives and in her talk #trashionable about garbage as a new raw material of the 21st century. We’ll make up for it. Now embroidery is about her way of coping with fear

Embroidery is Anna’s creative solution to fear. Because it honestly accompanies us all. Everyone in their own way. Everyone deals with it differently. DIY and handicrafts against fear? Makes sense. Because anyone who has ever crocheted, knitted or sewed knows how quickly their thoughts wander. Another type of meditation that trains dexterity and mind and revives old techniques.

StickereiEmbroidery Tapestry embroidery: Needlework against fear

It is no coincidence that companies like ‘Wool and the Gang’ or ‘We Are Knitters’ that sell knitting and crochet sets are thriving. Handicrafts convey a feeling of self-fulfillment that working on a laptop hardly offers. It increases cognitive skills, improves memory and body coordination.

Embroidery instead of Netflix and Instagram

What Netflix and Instagram are to society these days were embroidery and other handicrafts for our grandmothers and their mothers. A job, a distraction and an opportunity to spend time with neighbors and friends. By sewing, they were able to exchange news, skills and experiences. So why not revive these old techniques, which have disappeared from everyday life and the apartments, in times of self-isolation, as well as spending your free time in front of screens.

The JOA makers have collected vintage kits and show through tutorials and videos how everyone can embroider themselves. Try it out here

Try it out here Please send a direct message to JOA

#staythefuckhome and start #crafting