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Supply Chain Law + 5 minutes activism

Voluntariness didn’t work. That is why we need a law that makes German companies liable for environmental and human rights violations if they neglect their business due diligence abroad. However, the government cannot agree on the relevant framework conditions.

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RE.LABEL – Statement accessory with a message

663 million children live in poverty in our world. That’s 663 million too much. With the statement accessory RE.LABEL, SOS Children’s Villages launched a campaign that aims to create and make visible a worldwide movement against child poverty. Of course we are there.

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Greed for profit. Is there another way?

Instead of producing with ever less, ever more and ever faster, we should focus on alternatives such as economy for the common good, circular economy, sharing and new consumption models. That would be possible. If we want that. And if we do.

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The Conscious Project

The Conscious Project – what’s good for us

The Munich-based initiative, “Project for Conscious Living”, was called into life by Jessica, Lorena, Viktor, Kevin and Debby to inspire people to live more consciously. The initiative has already launched on Instagram with maximum success. What is behind The Conscious Project? Exciting topics from all areas of life and actors from the sustainable scene.

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Lea Bürkert

Job search: Lea Bürkert

One of the hashtags we use most is #bettertogether. We want to help Lea Bürkert, who has supported us in the past months with the organization of the GREENSTYLE, the fashion show and more. Lea is looking for a new professional challenge.

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Gute Luft

#GoodAir – for a better tomorrow

What comes after Corona? That question is currently omnipresent. In order to use this crisis as an opportunity and to save the newly lived togetherness into the #postpandemic future, Holger Petermann from Munich communication agency, THINK INC., has launched the #GuteLuft campaign.

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Lockdown Aufzeichnungen

Lockdown records

Architect, Peter Zumthor, climate researcher, Peter Kaser or Oberalp/Salewa President, Heiner Oberrauch – each experience (just like we all do) the corona crisis individual ways. Everyone writes their own story. Day after day. Susanne Barta talks to selected individuals about the respective Corona everyday life. In another round of talks, she will find out what “post-Corona” feels like and what her conversation partners are now observing.

by Susanne Barta

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Essay: Everything has a story

Since the 2nd edition, Sabine Rogge-Volk, co-founder of the upcycling label Friends That Rhyme, is part of the GREENSTYLE family. All editions in Munich, a pop-up in Amsterdam, #biolife in Bolzano and the Streetlife Festival in Munich – Sabine was always showed up with her handmade Obi-Clutches, maximum good mood, her infectious laugh and a seemingly endless pool of right words. Speaking of words: As Obi Belts, the fabrics of the bags have already made history. Now the second chapter begins…

by Nadine & Sabine, the friends that rhyme

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Unser grünes München

Book Launch: “Unser grünes München”

“Unser grünes München” is a sustainable city guide, which, apart from the well-known classics, brings to the table those locations, initiatives, boutiques, cafés and restaurants where the change of tomorrow is already happening today. Unfortunately, we have to do without the planned drink with the author – yet the green city tips, which have gained importance are still available.

by Alexandra Achenbach

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