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Gute Luft

#GoodAir – for a better tomorrow

What comes after Corona? That question is currently omnipresent. In order to use this crisis as an opportunity and to save the newly lived togetherness into the #postpandemic future, Holger Petermann from Munich communication agency, THINK INC., has launched the #GuteLuft campaign.

There is only one topic in the media: COVID-19. A multitude of other socially relevant topics have faded into the background. Fridays for Future seems forgotten. Greta Thunberg has disappeared from the media scene. Even if there is no report about it: deforestation continues. And so does climate change. Even if these topics are not part of the public discourse – and society has paused. A feeling for what went wrong before Corona has developed. Patterns of consumption and behavior are being reconsidered. This positive development must be saved for the future.

Consumption and behavior patterns are being reconsidered.

Human interaction and conscious action as well as the desire for more ethics and less profit maximization are the main focus of Holger Petermann‘s #GUTELUFT / #GOODAIR campaign. What is the great hope that he associates with his social media campaign?

GUTE LUFT stands for healthy, fair and newly lived human interaction.

That after the crisis, society does not fall back into old careless behavior patterns. That’s why he wants to encourage people with #GOODAIR to look positively into the future. With the personal “good air” moment, we can inspire others.

Instructions for viral success for #GUTELUFT / #GOODAIR

  • You discover the campaign and share it – just get involved!
  • Make your own motif, use the building blocks (see below) and post it in your feed
  • Use the hashtag #guteluft and tag your friends with whom you want to share it

Here are the building blocks:

  • Choose a picture
  • Integrate the term GUTE LUFT or GOOD AIR on a blue background
  • Take the basic text: My commitment to responsibility and my attitude. For solidary cooperation after Corona.
  • Hashtag #guteluft or #goodair
  • Tag friends and share your motifs – because there are an infinite number of them.
  • To repost: Link @thinkinc.communications and @holgerpetermann