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Lockdown Aufzeichnungen

Lockdown records

Architect, Peter Zumthor, climate researcher, Peter Kaser or Oberalp/Salewa President, Heiner Oberrauch – each experience (just like we all do) the corona crisis individual ways. Everyone writes their own story. Day after day. Susanne Barta talks to selected individuals about the respective Corona everyday life. In another round of talks, she will find out what "post-Corona" feels like and what her conversation partners are now observing. by Susanne Barta

Insight into the Lockdown Records

You can get a first taste of the 15-part series here. The complete version of Susanne Barta’s lockdown recordings can be found on franzmagazine

“Very positive is that we think about the world. The experience shows that it can also work differently. Community becomes more important again, solidarity, moving together in times of crisis, taking care of each other. The collective is currently more important than the individual. That’s beautiful.” Heiner Oberrauch (picture) is President of the Oberalp-Salewa Group and Vice President of the South Tyrolean Business Association.

“The world is a global village. But now, with many things standing still, I realize what an insanely dense network of dependencies, obligations and offers I lived in until recently. It can’t go on like this.” Peter Zumthor, launch architect

“And I am amazed at how reasonable most people are about the limitations. It certainly gives me hope as a climatologist.” Georg Kaser, professor of climate and cryosphere research

“It is also possible that we will again refer more to the obvious, the small. Globalization is a good thing in itself, but not in its frenetic execution. The virus shows us that too… And I fear that this will have a rather negative effect on the climate. You don’t hear about climate change or the refugee crisis anymore, it’s all about Corona.” Martin Langer was primary in anesthesia and intensive care in Milan until 2017.

“There will certainly be major systemic changes, which we have not even foreseen yet… And that people will perhaps also consider the worth of social contacts. What contacts are so important to me that I don’t want to do without them. And where did I realize in this time of isolation that I can do without them?” Marie-Luisa Frick, Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Innsbruck

“As bad as this may sound, but to me this Corona virus is like releasing a cord. I use this time to deliberately focus on my drawing. It gives me stability. What will carry me through this crisis is my artistic work.” Gabriela Oberkofler, artist