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Friends that Rhyme


Essay: Everything has a story

Since the 2nd edition, Sabine Rogge-Volk, co-founder of the upcycling label Friends That Rhyme, is part of the GREENSTYLE family. All editions in Munich, a pop-up in Amsterdam, #biolife in Bolzano and the Streetlife Festival in Munich – Sabine was always showed up with her handmade Obi-Clutches, maximum good mood, her infectious laugh and a seemingly endless pool of right words. Speaking of words: As Obi Belts, the fabrics of the bags have already made history. Now the second chapter begins…

by Nadine & Sabine, the friends that rhyme

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Eco brand support

Eco Brand Support: Online shopping

Small and medium-sized companies are hit the hardest by the economic consequences of the current crisis. And at a time when all signs were actually pointing up. To save small and medium-sized eco brands through the crisis the online shop come to the rescue.

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Friends That Rhyme

The history of this brand is enough to make you fall in love. And their philosophy? Nadine and Sabine (do you get the name now?) produce bags & clutches made of vintage fabrics. Each of these artistic upcycling pieces is unique.

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