Decentralized Team: Online Coaching

Dezentrales Team

Wildling makes minimalistic shoes and with the great success. Entrepreneurial and for the feet that not only feel comfortable in these shoes, but that can unfold and relax thanks to their special texture. The company from Engelskirchen has a total of 137 employees. Large offices are not necessary because Wildling relies on a decentralized team. Wildling founder Anna Yona explains how this works in her online coaching.

Wildling founder Anna Yona already geared her company towards decentralized working methods when she founded it. In the meantime, she can draw on a correspondingly large wealth of experience. In her online coaching, she talks about how decentralized working at Wildling and how a short-term switch to working at home can be made possible.

“Let’s work from home!” This sounds easier than it is implemented. Many people who are converting to home office can tell you a thing or two about this.

How do you keep a decentralized team together? Which tools are helpful? How do you organize the daily work routine at home? And how do you create a strong foundation to establish the digital setup successfully in the long term?

Our tip? Be sure to take a look because decentralized working is becoming more and more important, not only in times like these.