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RE.LABEL – Statement accessory with a message

663 million children live in poverty in our world. That's 663 million too much. With the statement accessory RE.LABEL, SOS Children's Villages launched a campaign that aims to create and make visible a worldwide movement against child poverty. Of course we are there.


For our sustainable fashion community, “Re” is a prefix that is becoming increasingly important. Because “re” is the future of fashion. Re-ducere-use, re-cycle are the issues that are involved in responsible consumption. RE.LABEL is about the prefix “re” as well as about responsibility, the fancy fluorescent accessory from SOS Children’s Villages around the world, which – clipped onto a jacket, trousers, beanie or jumper – is intended to become a symbol of a whole movement. A movement that aims to generate maximum attention and visibility for child poverty and a corresponding number of donations to counteract this injustice.

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RE.LABEL is a visible sign of solidarity with children in need

And why re-label? Because far too many children are labeled by the system in the future. They are poor, uneducated, underprivileged. At the edge of the system. That should and must change. The future of these children should be re-labeled. To redefine the future of children, donations are needed. So you can give them the chance, like all other children. We can give them an equal life. Thanks to access to education. Thanks to a loving home. With the help of SOS Children’s Villages, which support over 1.5 million children and family members in 137 countries worldwide and give them a chance for a better future.

Together we will rewrite the future of many children.
This is what RE.LABEL stands for and everyone who wears it.
RE.LABEL and change a child’s life.

With RE.LABEL we can draw attention to grievances and help to bring children from the socially exclusion a little closer to the center of life. Here as well as at the other end of the world in Bangladesh. In Syria. Because child poverty is everywhere. In developing as well as in industrialized countries. Far from us and just around the corner.

Do good and show it. Donations have never been so stylish.

And we can help. Because a lot can change with a donation. Now is the time to set an example. Every contribution counts.

3 steps that will change a child’s life

  • Donate on RE.LABEL and get part of the RE.LABEL movement
  • Clip on: The clip works on jackets, pants, beanies, bags … wherever visibility is a concern.
  • Share it: Post your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #relabelnow and spread the word.

Helping can be so easy.

Looking for a Christmas present that makes sense?

Honestly? We have just left Black Friday behind us, in Germany alone over three billion euros were spent on technology, fashion, beauty & Co. – often for products that you don’t even need. We have let ourselves be tempted by cheap prices again. Now Christmas is just around the corner. How much more fun it is to give a present that makes sense. Something that comes from the heart. That improves the lives of children who don’t have it as well as we do. Honestly? A gift can’t really have much more impact.

Further information on RE.LABEL is available here