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The Conscious Project

The Conscious Project – what’s good for us

The Munich-based initiative, “Project for Conscious Living”, was called into life by Jessica, Lorena, Viktor, Kevin and Debby to inspire people to live more consciously. The initiative has already launched on Instagram with maximum success. What is behind The Conscious Project? Exciting topics from all areas of life and actors from the sustainable scene.

The four Munich-based movers and shakers want to inspire people to shape their lives more consciously. For themselves and for our planet. The website is still under construction. On Instagram, you can already see what moves the founders: The earth and how we treat it. To this end, the founders communicate facts, ask questions to make their readers think and let different protagonists from the sustainable scene speak in various creative formats.

The Conscious Project
The Conscious Project

Do you know how many cups are thrown away every day?
2,700 liters of water are used to produce a cotton t-shirt.
2.1 billion people do not have continuous access to drinking water.

Sinah Diepold, founder of Kale & Cake, talks about her life as a “conscious lifestyle warrior” and “happiness ambassador”. Benedikt Klarmann, founder of the Munich-based organic beauty brand Junglück, reveals why he is suddenly interested in aloe vera & co. and why it is so important to break up the “encrusted” structures of the cosmetics industry.

“I think that if you treat yourself to luxury, then you should at least consume it sustainably.” Benedikt Klarmann, Jungglück

Markus Mitterer is also founder (and member of the board). With Rehab Republik he wants to provide food for thought, as he believes that the prevailing lifestyle is not sustainable in the long term. He is sure that you can’t achieve much with knowledge transfer alone. A change in behavior has a lot to do with emotions, fun and social norms. “It’s not so easy to be vegan or plastic-free. We just try it out ourselves – and report on it.”

The Conscious ProjectThe Conscious Project creates connections between people and projects.

Other sustainable Ambassadors on The Conscious Project: Nastasia, Daniela and Julian, who with their start-up, Squared, use resources and spaces in the right way and want to create new possibilities and opportunities for both individuals and the community. Mirjam Smend from GREENSTYLE, who talks about sustainable fashion, greenwashing, tips for the sustainable wardrobe(s) and her reasons for her sustainable commitment.

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