Pandemic: How the fashion industry is suffering.


In the crisis, fashion becomes a victim of its own business model and is more merciless than ever. With her ZDF documentary “Pandemic: How the fashion industry is suffering” Anja Utfeld provides insight into the current situation in the industry with content from Mirjam Smend, Dr. Peter Rinnebach (Accenture), Dr. Gisela Burckhardt (Femnet) and Prof. René Fahr (University of Paderborn), among others.

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Tip me – Global tip

Tip me

Sneaker label, ethletic, and the denim label, DAWN Denim, are doing it now. What has long been part of a common and indispensable business model in restaurants and bars, has been established for other industries since 2018 by the founders of the start-up, Tip me. A tip as a sign of appreciation for those people who sew our sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, etc.

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Fashion Revolution 2020 – now more than ever

Fashion Revolution 2020

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, major fashion brands have cancelled already completed as well as ongoing productions and orders amounting to around 1.5 billion US dollars in more than 1,000 clothing factories in Bangladesh alone. Payments are suspended. The impact on the
underpaid garment manufacturers involved in the process is serious. There is no social safety net.

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#GoodAir – for a better tomorrow

Gute Luft

What comes after Corona? That question is currently omnipresent. In order to use this crisis as an opportunity and to save the newly lived togetherness into the #postpandemic future, Holger Petermann from Munich communication agency, THINK INC., has launched the #GuteLuft campaign.

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Lockdown records

Lockdown Aufzeichnungen

Architect, Peter Zumthor, climate researcher, Peter Kaser or Oberalp/Salewa President, Heiner Oberrauch – each experience (just like we all do) the corona crisis individual ways. Everyone writes their own story. Day after day. Susanne Barta talks to selected individuals about the respective Corona everyday life. In another round of talks, she will find out what “post-Corona” feels like and what her conversation partners are now observing.

by Susanne Barta

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Corona, climate & global common good

globales Gemeinwohl

The renowned climate researcher Georg Kaser has given up optimism and pessimism. He can only talk about chances and opportunities. And what are they? “We can learn a lot from what is happening right now. This is about the global common good.”

Georg Kaser spends his home office time in Karthaus in the Schnals Valley in South Tyrol. Every day he exchanges ideas with his colleagues who are scattered all over the world.

“Climate change is far greater and more problematic than Corona will ever be.”

Even though the topic of climate change has disappeared somewhat from the media, intensive work is being done behind the scenes to bring back into the public’s conscious as quickly as possible what the state of our world is and what we can expect if no countermeasures are taken.

“The Corona crisis attacked us from behind and suddenly we were there. For most people, the climate crisis is still ahead of them, even though climate change has already begun.”

Because the experts agree: the challenges of the coming years will be much greater, Corona is at most a foretaste. “We can learn from this time,” says Georg Kaser, “I see opportunities that are currently available, but I also see the complexity. It is about nothing less than the global common good.”

Presenter Susanne Barta about Georg Kaser

Susanne Barta, who moderates the discussion with Georg Kaser is in constant contact with the expert. His humor and his untiring commitment to a better world are what, in her eyes, particularly distinguishes him, in addition to all his scientific merits.

We look forward to welcoming Georg Kaser live on the podium at one of the next editions of the GREENSTYLE conference.

Fair Fashion @ Corona

Corona und Fair Fashion

“The situation is extremely confusing and dangerous,” says Thimo Schwenzfeier, show director of NEONYT and talks about chances and risks for the (fair)fashion industry in (and after!) times of crisis. Because the industry has to be prepared for the AFTER Corona period and then – each in his own way – offer the best possible stage.

Originally, we had planned that Thimo Schwenzfeier would give a keynote on the status quo of sustainable fashion at the 4th edition conference. With the Corona crisis, the topic of sustainable fashion has taken on a new direction and a different dynamic. That’s why, in the video, Thimo Schwenzfeier talks about the impact of the current situation on the fair fashion industry.

“The situation is extremely confusing and dangerous. For the fashion industry. And for the FAIR FASHION industry.”

As show director of NEONYT/Messe Frankfurt he has THE insight into the industry par excellence. With 220 exhibitors, NEONYT in January was the largest trade fair in the sustainable sector to date. The fear and uncertainty about the current situation is palpable for everyone.

“Everyone is in the same boat here: labels from NEONYT as well as from Innatex or Premium.”

But the situation is not only worrying for exhibitors, because Berlin Fashion Week, which is scheduled for the end of June, is just as affected by the current situation. Will it be able to take place? To what extent and with what formats?

“We must be prepared for AFTER Corona and then provide the best possible stage.”

Questions, suggestions etc. to Thimo Schwenzfeier
@thimo.schwenzfeier | |

Mirjam Smend about Thimo Schwenzfeier

As show director of the world’s leading B2B trade fair NEONYT, Thimo Schwenzfeier has insights into the trade unlike few others. It goes without saying that we turned to him in the first place when it came to giving an insight into the current situation and an outlook on the topic of “Fair Fashion and Corona”.

#bettertogether: Save the future of GREENSTYLE


The 4th edition of GREENSTYLE munich could not take place due to the corona crisis. The cancellation came on the day of the event. All costs were incurred and no income generated. The existence of the GREENSTYLE munich fair, which anyway already worked according to the motto karma instead of cash, is threatened. Therefore we started a Corona relief action on Startnext.

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#istayathome by Susanne Barta

Surfing online for topics that are important to me is part of my daily work. In this time of Corona, even a bit more. Besides comments, analyses and news on the far-reaching pandemic, I look and listen with great interest to how the textile industry is reacting to this crisis. And there is a lot going on right now.

Sustainability in fashion on the rise

People are writing and posting and therefore also thinking a lot. Sustainability in the textile industry – in fashion – seems to be rapidly increasing in importance. On the platform for industry professionals „Business of Fashion“ articles are lining up. Word seems to have got around that sustainability is not limited to producing or wearing a T-shirt made of organic cotton and that companies and consumers are becoming more aware of this now more than ever before.

Sustainability should be a lifestyle.

This concerns us personally, every day. I can imagine that through Corona we get a feeling for how living more sustainably can look like. This feeling could help us to understand that climate change is as real as Corona is, but, as experts emphasize, its effects will be much, much worse. We still have the opportunity to counteract this. And yes, do not lose heart.

Climate change is as real as Corona.

The sustainable fashion community is very active right now. It usually is, but Corona has stepped up the pace again. The 4th edition of the sustainable trade fair and conference format GREENSTYLE munich, for example, is now taking place virtually. With text, image and video contributions. The platform will be expanded digitally and thus become a hub of the sustainable fashion scene.

Anyone who has time and inclination to spend more time on the subject of textile production will find that the “Good on you” platform has put together some interesting information for the Corona era: Films, podcasts and upcycling tipps for creative people.

Virtual GREENSTYLE: 4th edition goes digital

4th edition

Sunday, March 15th, 5 p.m. In these minutes the 4th edition would have come to an end. We are still not fully aware that the 4th edition did not take place. We wanted to change something. Make an impact. Together with exhibitors, partners and visitors, we wanted to spread the GREENSTYLE vibes and inspire enthusiasm for sustainable fashion.

That didn’t work this time. We had to cancel the GREENSTYLE.

It is very clear to us that we are not the only ones who suffered from corona. We received expressions of sympathy and offers to help.

Therefore we want to thank our friends, our families, the community, our exhibitors, partners, supporters for physical and psychological support.

As terrible as the last days were for us, it showed us that we are doing the right thing. And that is why we will not let ourselves be brought to our knees. Not by the textile industry, not by the Corona virus. We will continue (digitally for now) and show you in the coming weeks what you couldn’t discover in the Isarforum from March 13th to 15th.

GREENSTYLE 4th edition goes digital
In the coming weeks, we will celebrate the 4th edition online.

We will introduce all the brands that were present at the 4th edition and all speakers. Of course our wonderful team can’t be missing, without them the GREENSTYLE wouldn’t work at all. On March 5th and 6th, we shot the looks for the fashion show, which we will upload online asap. The same goes for the GMUC book (140 pages!) – we will offer it as a flip page tool and display it in the Fair Fashion shops (see Green Fashion Tours) in the coming weeks (when they open again).

We all imagined this differently. But we will make the best out of it and continue our commitment to sustainable fashion and a better textile industry.

We would like to thank all brands, partners, media, friends, visitors for the trust and support they have placed in us.

With revolutionary greetings,

*mirjam and Florens Smend

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