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Unser grünes München

Book Launch: “Unser grünes München”

"Unser grünes München" is a sustainable city guide, which, apart from the well-known classics, brings to the table those locations, initiatives, boutiques, cafés and restaurants where the change of tomorrow is already happening today. Unfortunately, we have to do without the planned drink with the author – yet the green city tips, which have gained importance are still available. by Alexandra Achenbach
Unser grünes München
© Helena Heilig

Alexandra Achenbach is a biologist (PhD!), blogger and book author. And above all she is an active member of the sustainable community. After her guidebook “Zero Waste Christmas” her second book was published on 17.3.2020. We wanted to present the sustainable city guide for Munich as part of the 4th edition of GREENSTYLE. We have to do without the drink now, but the book tip is still available. Plus: an online shopping guide so that we can shop local and fair despite the crisis.

Well, granted. There could probably have been a better book launch date for a sustainable city guide than March 14th this year. But on the other hand, now it is perhaps more urgent than ever to draw attention to all the small shops, cafés, sustainable restaurants and initiatives. To all those people in Munich who are already working for a green and fair future – for more equal opportunities and more climate protection.

In these strangely surreal corona times, the existence of Munich’s green heart is threatened.


A heart that has been beating stronger in recent years. With an unprecedented variety of fair fashion shops, hip new labels, with clothes-swapping parties, second-hand treasure chests, second-hand department stores, with organic taverns and vegan breakfast oases. In recent years, a whole new green world has developed in Munich, and with it a sustainable consumer alternative to the mainstream.

Munich offers us the wonderful opportunity to change our consumption in a fair way.

Local and directly in front of our doorstep. My new book “Unser Grünes München” (“Our green Munich”) wants to take you on a journey of discovery and show you my hometown through green glasses. But above all, I want to give the great actors of this city a stage and make them visible. With the right role models and anchors, sustainability in everyday life suddenly becomes very easy. It is like the hand that guides us safely through the labyrinth of possibilities and shows us new paths. This is precisely the core idea of my sustainable city guide, and it works even when the shops have just closed for a few weeks.

Munich’s green heart beats.

During this Corona crisis and afterwards. I’m quite sure of it, because the change in Munich is unstoppable. The question is, will all the little ones survive? I personally can only hope so, because the loss to this city would be immense. So let’s try to support it as much as we can. By buying vouchers, local online shopping and the veggie sandwich from our favorite café for take away. Today counts than ever:

Support your Locals!

Online addresses for local and fair shopping can be found here.

Unser grünes München
© Helena Heilig

“Unser grünes München – Der nachhaltige Cityguide” (oekom Verlag), Alexandra Achenbach, 15 Euro. Order here.“