Fashion & CLIMATE

Mode & KLIMA

In the fall of 2019, 1.4 million people in Germany took to the streets as part of the global climate strike. Berlin had its own “fashion block out”. What do fashion & climate have in common? Unfortunately, very much. In order to reduce the negative effects, we have to rethink our behavioral patterns and our consumption habits – even in the area of fashion – and change them accordingly.

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Editor’s Picks: Susanne Barta

Susanne Barta

Susanne Barta is an author, coach, consultant, fair fashion fan and moderator. Born in Tyrol, she has been part of the GREENSTYLE gang since the 2nd edition, provides themed ideas from her adopted home of South Tyrol, has paved the way for GREENSTYLE to participate in #biolife Bozen and has moderated many of our conference topics since the 3rd edition. Don’t miss: her moderations for the virtual GREENSTYLE.


Susanne Barta

Susanne’s Style

I love suits. For day and evening. Depending on the occasion, there are also: t-shirts, sweatshirts or blouses, sneakers, loafers or high heels. Accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry and bags break the strictness and make the outfit individual. The suit from “The Renewery” is perfect! And most of all, I like to update the concept of Renewery girls vintage parts.


Susanne Barta

Editor’s picks: Susanne’s Fair Fashion Darlings

Suit from The Renewery, 99 Euro. Buy here
Sweater from Ninty Percent (to rent at Unown), ab 21 Euro. Rent here
T-Shirt “Je t’aime” from another brand, 79 Euro. Buy here
Longsleeve “Cozy Carla” from Vatter, 39 Euro. Buy here
Messbag from Coa Goa, 69 Euro. Buy here
Laptopsleeve from Leit & Held, 180 Euro. Buy here
Sun glasses “Romy” from neubau eyewear, 329 Euro. Buy here



If you are someone who like changing up your wardrobe, you quickly end up collecting too many clothes. Linda Ahrens and Tina Spießmacher have created a solution to this problem with their online leasing service, UNOWN. Their leasing service provides variety for the wardrobe while at the same time reducing the ecological footprint.

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