Editor’s Picks: Susanne Barta

Susanne Barta

Susanne Barta is an author, coach, consultant, fair fashion fan and moderator. Born in Tyrol, she has been part of the GREENSTYLE gang since the 2nd edition, provides themed ideas from her adopted home of South Tyrol, has paved the way for GREENSTYLE to participate in #biolife Bozen and has moderated many of our conference topics since the 3rd edition. Don’t miss: her moderations for the virtual GREENSTYLE.


Susanne Barta

Susanne’s Style

I love suits. For day and evening. Depending on the occasion, there are also: t-shirts, sweatshirts or blouses, sneakers, loafers or high heels. Accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry and bags break the strictness and make the outfit individual. The suit from “The Renewery” is perfect! And most of all, I like to update the concept of Renewery girls vintage parts.


Susanne Barta

Editor’s picks: Susanne’s Fair Fashion Darlings

Suit from The Renewery, 99 Euro. Buy here
Sweater from Ninty Percent (to rent at Unown), ab 21 Euro. Rent here
T-Shirt “Je t’aime” from another brand, 79 Euro. Buy here
Longsleeve “Cozy Carla” from Vatter, 39 Euro. Buy here
Messbag from Coa Goa, 69 Euro. Buy here
Laptopsleeve from Leit & Held, 180 Euro. Buy here
Sun glasses “Romy” from neubau eyewear, 329 Euro. Buy here

another brand

Another Brand

Cozy cashmere and soft sweaters with cool statements like “good vibes” and “keep lovin”, fresh striped looks and cardigans with modern interpretations of classic diamond patterns or sweet hearts in Norwegian style – yes, sustainability can be that casual. The jumpers, sweatpants, scarves, shirts and beanies stand out are its colors – in bright green and squeaky orange. Corinne Samson and Joanna Kapitza’s label is a good mood label.

for you
for the out of the ordinary
another brand

Their statement: “For the out of the Ordinary”. The two designers, who have vast experience in the textile industry, focus on the individuality and self-confidence of their customers. The quick-witted print shirts and embroidered cashmere jumpers are real statement pieces that not only look good, but also feel great on the skin. All products are designed in Munich and are produced in small family businesses in Portugal and Inner Mongolia, where the two Munich-based women source the high-quality cashmere.

another Brand

another brand is not just another label

At another brand, there is no mass production, nothing is off the rack. Corinne and Joanna work exclusively with natural materials and know the importance of fair production and sustainability. You can see and feel the quality. Because another brand is not just another clothing brand, but another label. A brand that wants to do something different…

More about another brand. Click here