GREENSTYLE @ Biolife Bolzano | 3.11 until 6.11.22


It’s better together. That is why we have extended our partnership with the Bozen trade fair and together we have defined how the topic of sustainable fashion can be integrated even better at Biolife Bozen. The GREENSTYLE Area will have an even more attractive location and will be widely advertised in advance. We’d love to have you and your collections with us.

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GREENSTYLE goes Heim+Handwerk Munich


We have been asked so often in the last few months whether there will be another GREENSTYLE in autumn. The answer is no. Because in November there will even be two GREENSTYLEs. In addition to the GREENSTYLE popup @ biolife Bozen (5th to 8th November 2020), we will host a popup event at Heim+Handwerk in Munich at the end of November.

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Fashion & CLIMATE

Mode & KLIMA

In the fall of 2019, 1.4 million people in Germany took to the streets as part of the global climate strike. Berlin had its own “fashion block out”. What do fashion & climate have in common? Unfortunately, very much. In order to reduce the negative effects, we have to rethink our behavioral patterns and our consumption habits – even in the area of fashion – and change them accordingly.

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Fashion Revolution 2020 – now more than ever

Fashion Revolution 2020

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, major fashion brands have cancelled already completed as well as ongoing productions and orders amounting to around 1.5 billion US dollars in more than 1,000 clothing factories in Bangladesh alone. Payments are suspended. The impact on the
underpaid garment manufacturers involved in the process is serious. There is no social safety net.

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Podcast: GREENSTYLE panel @ NEONYT


The fact that NEONYT, the world’s leading trade fair for sustainable fashion (and the only winner of Berlin Fashion Week) is our partner at GREENSTYLE fills us with enormous pride. The fact that we were able to host the second panel at NEONYT – this time in the new location in Hangar 4 in Tempelhof – is absolutely terrific. Our topic? Influencer marketing.

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GOOD news: Bye-bye 2019. Hello 2020

What a fantastic YEAR! And the next one is coming…

Breathless and happy, we look back on 2019 (and with correspondingly great enthusiasm towards 2020). So much has happened: People took to the streets to stand up for #climatejustice and other relevant issues. The awareness for sustainable fashion has increased enormously. There have been dazzling Fashion Revolution demos with increasing participation that have drawn attention to the poor working conditions in the textile industry. Conventional fashion operators and chains can no longer easily escape their responsibility. Something is happening, which is terrific.

Thank you 2019 – a lot has happend this year.

NEONYT’s Editorial Fashion Show in January drew the (chief) editors of the fashion magazines to the front row. In April, the Green Issue of VOGUE was published. In July, during Fashion Week Berlin, there was only one major theme: sustainability. This was followed by a focus on sustainability at the Milano Moda Donna and the “40 Years of VOGUE: Is this Fashion or Can this Go Away” exhibition devoted a large section sustainable alternatives.

As far as GREENSTYLE is concerned: we have also achieved a lot.

Following the 1st edition in October 2018, the trade fair and conference format has established itself as a serious and trend-setting event in its first year. In addition to two constantly growing events in the Munich Isarforum at the Deutsches Museum, we have created a lasting movement. We were at the “We make the City” festival in Amsterdam, organized various studios (including Streetlife, #GivingTuesday) and were at #biolife in Bolzano in November as a pilot project with seven brands.

Thanks to exhibitors, partners, supporters, sponsors, media, community

With our XS team (which is currently growing), we have turned the first B2C trade fair and conference format for sustainable fashion into an event within a year, the appeal and significance of which extends far beyond Munich’s city limits. In October, we had 48 exhibitors, 40 speakers and guests from all over Germany and neighboring countries, visitors from Great Britain, Luxembourg, France etc.

And therefore we say THANK YOU today!

Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm (or letting it infect you).
Thank you for your commitment.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for the exciting discussions.

With this in mind, we wish you a good end of the year spurt and a brilliant start into a great year 2020. Together with pleasure. At the GREENSTYLE (13th to 15th March 2020), at the SALON GREEN, Fashion Revolution, climate strikes


*mirjam smend