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If you are someone who like changing up your wardrobe, you quickly end up collecting too many clothes. Linda Ahrens and Tina Spießmacher have created a solution to this problem with their online leasing service, UNOWN. Their leasing service provides variety for the wardrobe while at the same time reducing the ecological footprint.

Fashion lovers, Linda Ahrens and Tina Spießmacher, wanted to introduce variety in their wardrobes without following the rules of the fast fashion industry. They founded UNOWN to make sustainable fashion more attractive and accessible and to create contemporary looks without increasing the volume of their wardrobes.

By leasing sustainable and fair clothing, your fashion footprint is reduced by 75 percent.

With a mix of upcoming designer brands and established fair fashion labels, UNOWN focuses on statement pieces and timeless favorites from brands like Kings of Indigo, Jan ‘n June, Mila.Vert, Leit & Held, Oh Seven Days, Embassy of Briggs and Logs, Ambiletics and Kowtow.


Sharing is Caring. The clothes leasing trend can no longer be stopped.

Have you discovered your favorite piece? Every piece from the digital UNOWN wardrobe can be rented for a minimum of two weeks. Anyone who wants to use the monthly subscription becomes a member of the community and can choose 3+ pieces every month.

UNOWN – Decluttering meets closing the Loop

The two founders take customer feedback seriously because they want to develop their business with their community. This has led to the Declutter program, which solves the question of how clothes that are no longer needed can be kept in circulation and passed on in a responsible way.

This is how it works::

Submit photos via WhatsApp or email. After checking the condition and fit, they are added to the UNOWN leasing range. With a shipping label, the garment can be sent in free of charge. The customer decides whether he wants to receive store credit or donate 25 percent of all future leasing fees for the returned garment to a good cause.

Good to know:

After the deadline has expired, you can extend the period, return the garments or buy them at a good price. All garments are insured against damage.

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