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Fair Fashion @ Corona

“The situation is extremely confusing and dangerous,” says Thimo Schwenzfeier, show director of NEONYT and talks about chances and risks for the (fair)fashion industry in (and after!) times of crisis. Because the industry has to be prepared for the AFTER Corona period and then – each in his own way – offer the best possible stage.

Originally, we had planned that Thimo Schwenzfeier would give a keynote on the status quo of sustainable fashion at the 4th edition conference. With the Corona crisis, the topic of sustainable fashion has taken on a new direction and a different dynamic. That’s why, in the video, Thimo Schwenzfeier talks about the impact of the current situation on the fair fashion industry.

“The situation is extremely confusing and dangerous. For the fashion industry. And for the FAIR FASHION industry.”

As show director of NEONYT/Messe Frankfurt he has THE insight into the industry par excellence. With 220 exhibitors, NEONYT in January was the largest trade fair in the sustainable sector to date. The fear and uncertainty about the current situation is palpable for everyone.

“Everyone is in the same boat here: labels from NEONYT as well as from Innatex or Premium.”

But the situation is not only worrying for exhibitors, because Berlin Fashion Week, which is scheduled for the end of June, is just as affected by the current situation. Will it be able to take place? To what extent and with what formats?

“We must be prepared for AFTER Corona and then provide the best possible stage.”

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Mirjam Smend about Thimo Schwenzfeier

As show director of the world’s leading B2B trade fair NEONYT, Thimo Schwenzfeier has insights into the trade unlike few others. It goes without saying that we turned to him in the first place when it came to giving an insight into the current situation and an outlook on the topic of “Fair Fashion and Corona”.